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10 Ways To De-stress For The SAT | Jenne Brookes

10 Ways To De-stress For The SAT

by Jenne Brookes

As high school students preparing for the SAT’s (Scholastic Aptitude Test), we need to find a balance and relieve the day’s anxieties. The following ten tips are aimed at improving student’s well being but lessening the pressure of SAT’s.

1.) Exercise or meditate. Exercising promotes better sleep, relieve stress, and improves memory. Exercising also stimulates brain chemicals that boost mood and leave you much more relaxed. Mediation also prevents stress and helps you sleep. Allie Hausman, who loves running, adds, “I take walks or go for a run. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress.”

2.) Talk to your counselor. If you are feeling the pressures of this SAT year, make a trip down to the counselling office to chat with your counselor and figure out ways to destress your year. Schedule your appointment today or just go down the counselling office and see if they are available!

3.) Start early. The easiest way to avoid SAT stress is to begin your studies early. Start with checking out Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice. Khan Academy has paired with College Board to provide free tutoring to all students. There are also a number of SAT prep places that offer tutoring and classes.

4.) Go outside. Just a quick study break from SAT practice can do wonders with your mentality. From the trips to the beach, pool, or park, any quick break can help you refocus and prepare for your next SAT practice session. The outdoors makes you generally happier and relaxed, as well as promoting brain function. The longer you spend outside the more destressed you will become. Being outside helps your eyes take a break.

5.) Be positive. Don’t give up. Although it may be hard now, it will get easier later. Being a positive person reduces stress and depression. Positive thinking provides health benefits like increased life span. Not to mention, it improves self-confidence, prevents cognitive decline, prevent anxiety disorders, improves memory, and boosts creativity.

6.) Try this Naam Yoga Hand Trick. Apply pressure to the space between your second and third knuckle, on the joints at the base of your pointer and middle fingers. According to Sharon Melnick, author of Success under Stress, you will feel instantly calm.

7.) Chew a piece of gum. Not only does chewing gum improve memory and relieve stress, it also increases alertness and wakefulness.

8.) Laugh.Try watching a viral video or hanging out with a best friend. Laughter releases endorphins, which trigger a sense of wellbeing, promotes resistance to disease, and decreases stress hormones.

9.) Keep a journal. By writing about a stressful or emotional day, you can relieve tension and anxiety. Not only does keeping a journal increase you IQ, but it also boosts memory and comprehension.

10.) Drink green tea. Green tea improves memory and brain function. Theanine, an amino acid in Green tea, promotes relaxation and reduces depression. Green tea prevents high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.


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