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321Cliq | Frances Chai

Imagine. You’re a photographer looking to build up your portfolio–there can only be so many photos of your dog and your friends have long since refused to sit down for any more photo sessions. Or maybe you’re looking for someone to take your senior photos without having to shell out the equivalent of an Ivy League college tuition. Or maybe you’re just someone who needs a little Instagram revamp because the VSCO-filtered selfies just aren’t cutting it anymore. Thankfully, there is a solution to all your photography and social media needs: 321Cliq, the brainchild of CCA students Yazmene Assadian (CEO), Julia Denissenko (CFO), Alex Ster (CMO) and Amanda Zhang (COO). 

321Cliq aims to provide a unique service that is fitting for the new digital age. In some ways, technological advances like the Internet and social media have made a big world feel smaller. However, with the increased connectivity comes a constant influx of available information. Google “photographer in my area” and you will come up with hundreds of options. Looking at everyone’s website to make a decision will take too much time, and even then, there’s no guarantee that you will end up with the best photographer for your needs. With this application, clients can be connected to photographers in as quick as a click. This one of a kind product gives photographers of any skill level (ranging from intermediate to advanced) an opportunity to build up their portfolio and expand their client base. On the patron side of things, a whole world of photographers will become accessible for use in any situation from personal keepsake to family Christmas cards to senior photos. 

So, how will this service work exactly? Their website allows for photographers to post their work and show off their skills. Simultaneously, possible clients can view the samples to make sure they are choosing the right person for their wants and needs. Furthermore, there is a messaging feature where both parties can communicate ideas and plan photoshoots. CCA junior Daniel Aspesi is working to develop the 321Cliq app, which will increase convenience and streamline the process. 

Inspired by popular apps such as Instagram and Depop, this app revolutionizes the way photographers can get in contact with possible clients. According to Ster, “we are excited for the launch of this platform and believe that it will solve a significant market need, especially among young adults who are most active in social media.” Zhang spoke about the development process, describing it as “challenging”; however, it is clear that their passion for social media, photography, and helping others has manifested itself in a product that will be more than worth the hard work. There is no doubt that 321Cliq will become a staple in this new media age. 

Check them out at their Instagram and website coming late March!

Instagram: @321cliq


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