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A Guide to Halloween 2020 | Sophia Larson

With the days getting colder and shorter, people all over are getting ready for the spookiest holiday of the year — Halloween. Falling on a Saturday this year, usually people plan to party or trick-or-treat, but this year things are vastly different, and people cannot partake in the typical Halloween activities. So, instead of partying or trick-or-treating, here is a list of things you can do instead.

Have a movie night: With Halloween comes no shortage of scary or Halloween-themed movies, so there is plenty to watch. My suggestion — stay up all night watching as many as possible. A fun thing to try is to see how many Harry Potter movies you can watch in one sitting.

Go to Scream Zone: Every year, people go to scream zone in Del Mar to get spooked, and this year is no exception. Due to COVID-19, however, this year scream zone is a drive through, so you can go with family, or some friends.

Build a Fort: While this is a more juvenile idea, it is still lots of fun to build a fort with your family, or a friend, which now gives you a fun place to watch movies or spend the night in.

Buy a lot of candy: Just because trick-or-treating is a no go this year, that doesn’t mean that you are going to be missing out on the massive stomach ache you have at the end of the night caused by massive amounts of candy intake. Buy candy and eat it (at your disposal) while watching your movie or in your fort.

Call your friends: Just because you might not be allowed to see all of your friends on Halloween, that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to them. FaceTiming your friends or setting up a Zoom call is a great way to make it feel like you are spending Halloween with them.

Scare your family: It’s always fun to see which family members are the most easily spooked.

Have a bonfire: Roasting marshmallows is always a fun idea, and maybe you can add Halloween candy to your s’mores. This one isn’t a traditional Halloween activity, but since Halloween is not the same this year, this might be a fun thing to try.

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