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A Message from Pulse Magazine

Pulse Magazine is the student-run news magazine of Canyon Crest Academy. Although we are a high school publication, we hold ourselves to the same journalistic standards as any professional publication or news organization would. In our last issue, we failed to meet these standards and as such, it is our responsibility to correct what is wrong.

Our most recent issue features a story with alleged quotes from Claire Goldman, a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. It has been brought to the attention of the magazine’s editorial staff that these quotes were fabricated by one of our reporters and are not those of Miss Goldman, as she declined to comment for the story that was published.  Pulse Magazine would like to emphasize that no statements attached to Claire Goldman’s name that appear in the magazine are her words nor her personal beliefs.

Pulse Magazine would like to sincerely apologize to Miss Goldman and her family for the conduct of our reporter and assure our CCA community that this is not the standard to which we hold ourselves. This is an unfortunate event that we feel does not accurately represent our character as a magazine. As a staff, we will continue to strive to deliver the truth to our school community.   

As members of an academic community, we believe that there is an opportunity to glean something positive from lessons learned through this unfortunate incident.  We are working with site administration to coordinate experiences on campus to learn about ethical journalism and respectful and purposeful dialogue.


The staff of Pulse Magazine.

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