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A Million Knots | Lily Lin

A Million Knots

by: Lily Lin

Providing educational opportunities for women all across the globe has been a mission of many for the last several decades. One such organization called A Million Knots (AMK), located in Carlsbad, provides women in India and Bhutan with educational opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

As an organization that is entirely funded and run by local, high-school students, they partner with other organizations to provide various types of educational opportunities. In 2014, they worked with the organization IIMPACT to build and open an all-girls school for 6-14 year olds in Alwar, India. IIMPACT is a registered Non-Government Organization founded in 2003 that is run by senior industry professionals who mostly graduated from the Indian Institute Management in 1978. Like AMK, they aim to motivate underprivileged girls aged 6-14 in rural India to obtain a quality primary education. There are currently 60,000 girls enrolled in their girl child education.

This past year, AMK partnered with two other organizations, Ability Bhutan Society and Druk Adolescent’s Initiative on Sexual Awareness Network (D.A.I.S.A.N.), to continue providing various educational opportunities in Bhutan. Ability Bhutan Society is a Bhutanese organization that is working towards empowering individuals with diverse abilities and creating programs that help them develop their skills. D.A.I.S.A.N. is another Bhutanese organization that aims to, “spread rights and awareness of sexual and reproductive health; to promote gender equality; to advocate against DBV/DV; to encourage meaningful participation; and to strengthen youth-adult partnerships”.

On March 8th, AMK will be hosting a fashion show from 6:00-9:30 in the Athletic Center at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, California. All the clothing in the fashion show will be designed by members of AMK and sewn by girls at the Project Concern International vocational school in India. Each design is auctioned off and the money raised will be given to the girls in India who designed the clothing. Also, they “will have auction baskets, jewelry, t-shirts, and other products for sale in order to raise money.” The show will also feature speakers from their partner organizations. Food will also be provided by Annapurna Indian Cuisine, which is included in the ticket price. If you are interested in attending their event, you can purchase tickets on their website or at the door.

Here is the link to their website where you can purchase a ticket to their fashion show.

If you are interested in any of the organizations mentioned above, the links to their

organizations are provided below.


A Million Knots-Instagram

Ability Bhutan Society-Website

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