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A Realistic Approach to New Years Resolutions | Amanda Benbow

A Realistic Approach to New Years Resolutions

by: Amanda Benbow

2019 is now upon us, and with that comes New Year’s Resolutions that tend to be forgotten by the end of January. The main reason why people give up on their resolutions is because of unrealistic expectations. The key to maintaining a good resolution is to be realistic with the goal, so with that in mind, here are some suggested resolutions to pursue in 2019 that might not be as difficult as you may think.

  1. Learn something new

This one is extremely broad and open to interpretation. Whether that means increasing your vocabulary and learning a new word every day, or maybe that means just picking up a book on a topic you’ve always been curious about, there’s always something new to learn. They say that you learn something new everyday, so why not put that to the test and gain a better understanding of the world?

  1. Be more positive

This is another general resolution that can be achieved in a plethora of ways. Having a positive attitude in life is so important to being a happier person and ultimately being more open to trying new things and being open to new experiences. The next time you get a bad grade on a test, maybe instead of getting upset and complaining, try reviewing the test and taking your mistakes and learning from them for next time. Be kinder to people that you may not usually be friendly with. There are a million ways to be a more positive person, and they can only stand to benefit you.

  1. Spend time with friends and family

Spending time with the people you care about can do wonders to help increase your mental health and happiness, and it’s easily achievable with a simple text or phone call. There is an endless list of things to do in San Diego, from going to a Padres game to hanging out at the beach. All these things are way more enjoyable with a friend, and fostering these important relationships can lead to a much happier lifestyle down the road.

  1. Manage your spending

This is definitely something we high schoolers can struggle with a lot, but is extremely possible with a bit of willpower and resourcefulness. The way to limit spending is to take notice of the little expenses that tend to add up and being conscientious when making these purchases. Simply going off campus for lunch each day can impact your bank account in a major way, something that I personally have struggled with since my junior year, but by packing a lunch or picking cheaper places to eat, you can limit unnecessary spending.

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