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A Scary Story: Finals on Halloween | Ashlyn Finkbeiner

by Ashlyn Finkbeiner

This year, there is something truly scary upon us CCA students; finals on Halloween. Many students have made it clear that this is unacceptable. For example, there is a petition that is going around on Facebook for students to sign stating that they are not okay with the date. Many students are saying that their Halloween night is going to be compromised by the continuous studying brought on by their classes.

Since Halloween is on a Monday this year, the idea is that whoever is throwing a party will hopefully schedule it for the weekend before. However, this is not ideal, many students would rather celebrate on the night of Halloween rather than let this night go to waste over their AP world final.

CCA, I have some bad news, the chances of our school actually changing finals day are very slim. The school schedule is planned out very far in advance in order to accommodate all holidays and non-academic school events. I think if there was any way that the school would change finals day, it would have been done by now. Even though this is depressing news, I have some things that may help you in ways to prepare for finals without ruining your long anticipated Halloween night.

Option one- Study

Obviously, we all know that we’re are supposed to study for finals. But, an option may be to study the week before, and that weekend. As many of your teachers and peers have probably told you by now, cramming to study the night before is not idea, it is better to spend many days studying little chunks of information in order to retain this information better. This is one option to relax and enjoy your Halloween. However, as we know, many CCA students will reject this idea, so I have some more.

Option two- Utilize your weekend

As I discussed earlier, this is what I think most students are planning on doing this year. Talk to your friends! Figure out if everybody is okay with getting together on that saturday night before Halloween. Yes, I know it is not the same, but it is better than not being able to enjoy your Halloween because you’re worried about that boarderline A in a class.

Option three- Don’t stress finals too much

As I senior I can honestly say, I have spend countless hours worrying about finals. What I have ultimately figured out is, you either know the information or you don’t. It is good to brush up a few days before, but what is most important is that you don’t work your brain too much these days. Focus on things that you are the most unsure about instead of worrying about cramming information that you already know.

Happy Halloween Ravens, and happy studying!


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