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A Senior’s Gude to Surviving March | Amanda Benbow

A Senior’s Guide to Surviving March

by: Amanda Benbow

With the looming presence of the recent college admissions scandal, many seniors across the nation, including those here at Canyon Crest Academy, are struggling to relax at the moment. Additionally, several prestigious universities will be releasing their admissions decisions in the coming weeks. There are a plethora of reasons for seniors to be stressed right now, but luckily there are a number of ways to help destress through this next stretch of college admission decisions.

An obvious way to take your mind off of the stress of college admissions is to create distractions for yourself. Binge that new Netflix show that your friend has been telling you to watch, or spend a little extra time studying for that test you have on Friday. Spending time with friends can always be a good distraction, as well. If you aren’t thinking about your college admissions decisions, it allows you be more positive and enjoy yourself during these final months of senior year.

Another way to remain stress-free this month is to stay active. Any physical activity, whether it’s going for a walk or lifting weights at the gym, causes a release of hormones called endorphins, which can help induce a positive mood. Exercise is also an extremely efficient distraction from thinking about college admissions. On top of all this, exercising can keep you in good shape and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

One last, and slightly more difficult, way to de-stress is to unplug from social media. Seeing everyone posting about their acceptances and commitments to all these universities can be extremely taxing on your mental health. It poses a difficult challenge to unplug from social media, as everyone is seemingly addicted to technology nowadays, but it is possible, despite popular belief. Unplugging can be immensely beneficial, and can help destress.

March is the absolute worst month of the year for high school seniors. With the vast lack of breaks and the tremendous amount of college admission decisions coming out, it can’t be easy to remain in a peaceful state of mind. It is possible, though, if you put in the effort to relax.

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