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All About These Chargers Fans | Dom Stearn

All About These Chargers Fans

by: Dom Stearn

The NFL regular season is wrapping up, and two full seasons have almost gone by since the formerly San Diego Chargers left us for Los Angeles. Many San Diegans, myself included, felt very betrayed by the move just 125 miles North. Some have stayed loyal to the team they have supported for years, while others cut their ties and now are fans of a different team. Locals who were only Charger fans by default also just stopped paying attention to football in general. Now, the Chargers are 11-3 and undoubtedly the hottest team in the NFL. With that being said, a lot of fans are all of sudden coming back to support the Chargers, or are coming out of hiding.

Personally, I don’t agree with the decision to remove your loyalty from a team, just to go right back to them when they start winning. In my book, that is being a bandwagon fan, and bandwagon fans are lame. I have a lot of respect for Chargers fans that have stayed loyal through the rebuild. They are legit fans, and I’m not mad at them. However, I don’t like the fact that all these Chargers fans are popping out of nowhere and are suddenly supporting the Chargers.

Chargers fans are notorious for only supporting their team when they are winning. That is part of the reason that Spanos moved the organization to L.A. And now that the Chargers are winning, fans are coming back. Don’t get me wrong, this Chargers team is legit. In fact, they have very good shot at winning the Super Bowl. However, that doesn’t give an excuse for former fans to come back to the Chargers like nothing has changed.

Personally, I couldn’t root for a team that left my city. I cut my ties with the Chargers the moment they left San Diego. I will never go back to them as long as they are in Los Angeles or Dean Spanos is their owner. It now blows my mind to see all these fans who abandoned the Chargers come back to them. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think the Chargers are ever coming back. Spanos seems happy in Los Angeles, and as long as he’s the owner, they are there to stay. You can hope that when Spanos either passes away or sells the team, that they’ll come back. However, the San Diego City Council seemed very reluctant to make a stadium plan.

Even though I’ve made my point clear, I’m not one to tell you who you can root for and who you can’t. However, it’s very fishy to see people posting on social media about the Chargers, or wearing their Chargers gear around town, when they weren’t doing that a month ago. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Chargers don’t win the Super Bowl, and all these fans go back away and act like nothing happened.

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