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Andrew Luck’s Shocking Retirement | Peter Hong

Andrew Luck’s Shocking Retirement

By Peter Hong

When the Indianapolis Colts franchise quarterback Andrew Luck slowly trudged off of Lucas Oil Sports Stadium field, a sense of disappointment radiated throughout the stadium. Many of the Colts fans were booing a player, but this time it was not a player from the opposing team. It was their star quarterback that showed lots of promise in the near future: Andrew Luck. This reaction from the fans was generated due to the fact that there was leaked news stating Luck would retire from NFL football. 

The frustrated Colts fans were not the only ones who felt this way. Numerous celebrities, former and current teammates, and others displayed their emotions regarding the Luck retirement on social media. Many sports shows and news articles criticized his decision to walk away from the game at such an early age. Critics stated that most often than not athletes would be forced to walk away from the game they love due to injuries, old age, or simply lack of skill. However, in Luck’s scenario, he had the option of pursuing the sport for years to come. The former first overall prospect even showed a great deal of potential in his relatively short career and Colts fans were beginning to believe in the future of the team. 

After all, no one will truly understand the ulterior motives behind Luck’s decision, but NFL fans, the media, and critics need to respect his legacy that he has left behind him. Whether Luck decided that his mental or physical health was more important than the game of football or not, it was a decision that should be left to Luck alone. As fans of the NFL, there will always be hope that Andrew Luck returns to the game of football. For now, all Colts fans can do is wish that luck will come their way.

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