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AP Testing | Ali Youel

AP Testing

by: Ali Youel

To all my fellow ravens, welcome to the time of year that all your teachers talk about. AP Testing Season. I suppose freshman don’t take AP tests and do not need this special article about the ways to maneuver the four hour testing period. But this is also helpful for other standardized tests and just school in general. So sit back ladies and gents, because here I take you on the insane roller-coaster ride of studying for AP tests.

You paid over $100 for just one test, so you better make it worth your while. If you are preparing for your first AP test, or are just looking to improve your scores, I may be able to help.

  1. Make sure to sleep the night before the test. I know you’ve been hearing this since 4th grade S.T.A.R. testing, however it is said so much because it’s true. Psychology Today’s Dr. Art Markman writes that cramming for tests instead of sleeping “adds to the problem.” I know you want to cram that last APUSH chapter, watch one more Jocz video, or do one more AP Calc practice test, but make sure you aren’t taking over time where you could sleep or rest. Mental health matters more than your score.

  1. Bring the write materials. Check the College Board website before the test and check the materials you need. Pencils, black pen, snacks, water. Double check you’ve packed everything you need the night before so you don’t panic and end up late to your exam.

  1. I highly recommend purchasing a practice book for your AP Test. Amazon sells them for around $15 each, and Barnes & Noble carries them as well. These books contain tips for the exam, practice tests, and chapters on the material you are required to know. Also, if you have friends who took the test in previous years, see if they have their books still. You can look through the material and fill in the tests they didn’t.

  1. Most importantly, take a break. Take a deep breath, dance to One Direction, take a warm shower, eat some cookies. Your mental health is far more important than a score on a test. I know you’ve heard that a lot too, but it is something that you need to hear again. Don’t overdo it. Everything will be okay.

If this is your first time taking an AP test, it may seem like a lot. Don’t overstress and make sure to sleep the night before. Also, don’t start studying for your tests the night before. Trust me, don’t. Best of luck on your AP Tests, Ravens!

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