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Apex Legends Review | Manit Bishnoi

Apex Legends Review

by: Manit Bishnoi

EA’s Gaming’s Apex Legends is leaving its mark on the hot genre of battle-royal type games. Apex Legends has similar characters to both Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game Overwatch, and Activision’s Call of Duty 4: Blackout. However, this game had a legendary release with over 2.5 players on the first day and it is now at about 8 million players on its third day of live play. This is all thanks to one critical detail that this game has over many others: its price. This brilliant game is free to play and thus makes it more viable to casual gamers throughout the world and it’s a main reason of what generated so much hype and attention to it. EA’s marketing strategy was interesting to say the least in the release of Apex Legends. Before it even announced the game, the company flew prominent game streamers and Youtubers from around the world to test out their game, yet not say anything about it to the public. After doing so, they announced and released the game on the same day, which was February 5th, 2019.  Many of these Youtubers and Streamers already had a solid fan base from playing Fortnite, and EA used this strongly to their advantage as they became partners of all of these gamers and sponsored videos of them playing their game. This got the word out quickly and they now have a solid player base that is still increasing at a very fast rate.

Now, let’s get into the gameplay of the game. It can only be played in trios with no solo, duo, or squad mode available that traditional Battle Royale games include. The map is relatively the side of the Blackout map with 20 squads spawning in. This totals to 60 players on the map per game. A player can carry two weapons at a time and can find upgradeable armor, helmets, and backpacks as well as weapon accessories. Medical supplies are also readily available. If a player gets knocked down, their teammate is able to revive them and if they get eliminated after getting knocked, there is still a short window for the player’s team to grab their character banner and respawn them in a near respawner. The movement is fast faced with the game incorporating Blackout inspired slide movements as well as no fall damage. There are eight different legends to choose from each with their own abilities. From having the power to create dimensional portals to being able to send out holographic copies of yourself, Apex Legends supports a variety of play styles that will peak the interest of all gamers alike. Overall, Apex Legends has the potential to become a giant in the industry due to the fact that it is free to play and that it supports a variety of play styles.

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