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Best Season? Girl Scout Cookie Season | Zach Danon

As we all should know, the best season is upon us: Girl Scout cookie season. There is a variety of cookies that are spectacular but then there are a few that are lacking. I am going to rank the five best Girl Scout cookies for the simple reason that I refuse to pay $5 for Do-Si-Dos.

Coming in fifth place would have to be Trefoils. A simple cookie to say the least but it definitely is missing the wow factor that comes with other cookies. It’s a shortbread cookie with not too much flavor, but it is still fairly good. It resembles a dog treat and tastes a little bit like how I would assume a dog treat would taste. However, it is a good-tasting cookie, and the Trefoil is deserving of the number five spot on this list.

In fourth place would be Savannah Smiles. Savannah Smiles have been replaced by something called Lemon-Ups, which is plain disrespectful. This rating might be a little unfair since this cookie cannot even be purchased anymore, but its lemon and sugary taste will always have a special place in my heart. Different variations of these lemon cookies are released every few years, and the previous versions become discontinued. Savannah Smiles had a long enough run (2012-2020) that I thought they might be here to stay.

Tagalongs are an easy third place. I think this is a very safe and respectable choice. It is a peanut butter and chocolate cookie that is delicious. After eating enough, the taste diminishes quite a bit compared to the two cookies ranked higher. Tagalongs were my favorite from kindergarten until sixth grade. Once my palette developed, I was able to appreciate the true greatness of the next two that could probably be interchangeable.

Thin mints. I know, a pretty controversial second-place choice especially when it is a lot of people’s favorite Girl Scout cookie. It is a basic cookie with a lot of upside. The chocolate outside the mint inside is a perfect pairing. A cookie that hopefully will never be discontinued. There are a multitude of ways to enjoy thin mints in non-traditional ways, such as freezing them or eating them with ice cream. I highly recommend both of those options if you have not yet tried them.

The best Girl Scout Cookie of 2022 has to be Samoas. It was a hard decision to make with a lot of time and effort put into it. The age-old debate of whether or not Thin Mints or Samoas are better is a question that will receive varying responses as both cookies are adored nationwide. A cookie with caramel, coconut, and chocolate stripes is the perfect trifecta in the cookie arena. I personally do not like coconut, but its subtle taste just works perfectly on Samoas. Samoas were the first things I bought this cookie season, and I will be back for more soon.

Whether or not you buy Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, or any other Girl Scout cookie; it is important to support the local community since profits go to scholarships, events, and training for these young women. Have a great Girl Scout cookie season!

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