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Biggest Trends of the 2010 Decade | Sophia Larson

Biggest Trends of the 2010 Decade

By Sophia Larson

With there being two months left in 2019, it is fair to say that the 2010 decade is coming to a close. Let’s take a look at some  With the 2010 decade ending soon, here are some of the biggest fads and trends of the 2010 decade. 

Silly Bandz: In 2010, Silly Bandz became very popular with elementary school kids. They were all the rage – kids could buy them at any grocery store and would collect them and swap them with their friends. This was a very short lived trend; however, by the next school year, nobody wore them anymore. 

The Kardashians: The famous Kardshian family got a reality TV show in 2007, and really gained lots of popularity during this decade. With some people being obsessed with them and others wondering why they are even famous, the Kardashian/Jenner family are now A-list celebrities, and are fifthly rich. Kylie, the youngest, is now the richest of them all, and made her fortune from her cosmetics company. As time has gone on, the Kardashian/Jenner family has expanded, and all of them have children except for Kendall, which has basically strengthened people’s love for the family. 

Tiktok and was an app released in 2014 in which people would lip sync to a song and record a 15 second video. Young people all over became attracted to this app, until it became uncool and viewed as “cringy.” In attempt to revamp the app, it was renamed as Tiktok, and became a platform for dances and funny videos. Now, people, mainly teenagers, have hopped back on this trend and are obsessed with this app. 

Yoga Pants: While leggings and tight pants have seemingly been around forever, yoga pants have become a craze with women of all ages in this decade. Brands like lululemon have gained much popularity due to their activewear, especially yoga pants. The name of these pants is a bit misleading, as women now wear yoga pants as everyday pants. 

Instagram: Instagram is a social media app founded in 2010, which has gained much popularity in this decade. Instagram is an app in which people post pictures, have followers, and can like and comment on other people’s pictures. Instagram has become a platform for celebrities to share pictures with their fans, and people to share pictures with their friends.  

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