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BOO! | Ali Youel


by Ali Youel

It’s October, time for cobwebs, pumpkins, witches, potions, ghosts, vampires, candy corn, scary movies, and haunted houses. And to top off the spookiness, it’s Friday the 13th. This month brings about binge watching horror movies, peeing your pants at Scream Zone, and more things that make you scream until you physically can’t anymore. There is so much to do this October, so if you have trouble deciding how to spend your free time, look no further. I have created this list of things to do, movies to watch, and screams to be had. So sit back and relax—but not too much.

The movie Happy Death Day comes out today. It’s about a selfish college student whose birthday it is. Throughout the day, she goes on through her normal birthday life until she is killed in a brutal attack. But she wakes up the next morning and lives the same day over and over again, until she finds who her killer is.

Scream Zone, a San Diego classic, is held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. There are three main attractions (I’m not sure if attraction is the right word, but if you like screaming then I’m sure you’ll be happy.) These include the Haunted Hayride, where a group of visitors climb into a wagon and drive through the fairgrounds full of zombies, clowns, and more. Another is the Karnevil, a haunted carnival and freak show.

You can also binge some scary movies on Netflix. They have Curse of Chucky, Little Evil, and Babadook, to name a few. Or, you can be like me and binge the Sharknado series. It is technically horror according to Netflix, and living sharks flying through the sky sounds pretty scary to me.

You can also go the classic fall route: pumpkin patches and corn mazes. There are many pumpkin patches around San Diego, and if you want to travel, go to Bates Nut farm in Valley Center. There are many activities including a straw maze, pony rides, face-painting, and a bouncy castle. Let it bring out the little kid in all of us. At this school, we deserve a break.

I hope this list helped give you ideas on how to spend your fall weekends. Have fun, take a break, jump on a bouncy castle, scream your lungs out, just do whatever it does that puts a smile on your face. Midterms are coming too, so if you really want to be scared, there you go. BOO!

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