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Burnbook | Ronnie Simon

Mean Girls…the classic high school, drama filled movie. We all know it, have seen it, and quote from it ever so often. We may enjoy this movie but when it really comes down to it, no one would want to actually live this movie as their high school experience. Sorry to break it to you North Shore-ers, but this nightmare of a movie seems to be slowly making its way to reality. If you haven’t been updated on this new trend lately, there is a new app launching through schools like wildfire.

This app is called the Burnbook. Yes, just like the infamous burn book from the movie mean girls, it comes to be sorely for the entertainment of criticizing one another. I am not saying that the creator made this app for students to criticize each other and say rude comments, but the name of the app itself leads to the demise of itself.

We all know that the burn book was pages among pages of people’s gossip, secrets, and hurtful names. Leading anyone to believe that this application does the same. From downloading this app you are introduced to a whole world of name-calling, threats, and even extremely inappropriate pictures. There have been recorded cases in some areas where explicit photos of both female and male kids were posted on this app.

How this app works is there is a list of “communities” or most of us just see them as high schools, and you get to see what is being posted on that communities wall. Don’t see your high school on that list? Oh, don’t worry just email the creator and he will get it right up there for you.

From the time the app came out to now, the two “communities” or schools that got affected the most by this were Poway High School and Del Norte High School. Inappropriate pictures were posted, threats were made to many of the students, and rumors were spread all throughout this app like a disease spreading through a subway, At one point, the creator of this app was told to take down Del Norte’s wall because it was just getting to offensive.

As much as most of us just dream about having that movie-like life, I’m sure that you would not want this as your so-called “perfect” dream high school experience. So, will this trend of using the application burn book continue to grow, or will we be spared from the horrid nightmare this application could cause?


Ronnie Simon is a Staff Writer for Pulse Magazine.


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