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CCA Field Day | Elliot Cohen

CCA Field Day

by Elliot Cohen

CCA has continued the Raven Wellness campaign from last year and has produced Field Day.  Field Day in nature is a collaborative day between teachers and students that allows the school to step aside from the academics and take a break for the day. Before describing what Field Day entailed, it must be noted that this entire event was produced by PALs. Purposeful Action Leaders/Listeners prepared for this event for months in advance and worked extremely hard to make sure this event ran smoothly. They also got together the supplies and the spirit in order to pull it all off.

PALS split students into colors and created fun, outdoor games for every grade level to enjoy. Most groups were well separated by grade level and only included 1-2 seniors. The Field Day groups gave upperclassmen and lowerclassmen alike a chance to venture out and meet new kids that weren’t necessarily their own age. I personally am a senior and was the only 12th grader in my group. I not only got to help the underclassmen, but also made a variety of new friends that I would not have meet otherwise.

The great part about all the games was that everyone could participate.  The games weren’t too tricky or athletic minded, so everyone got an equal chance to participate. My favorite game was the Relay Race which entailed each member completing obstacles, like jumping rope and doing cartwheels through a set of cones, as quick as they can.

As CCA has progressed, throughout the 11 years it has existed, one of the main concerns for the school has been the high stress level. Since the students at CCA perform on such a high level, the completion within the classroom is getting tougher and tougher. The CCA administration has made it a point that they are going to better the school by proving Wellness days. Last year was the first time that Raven Wellness day was implemented. This year a new an improved version was tried out. Last year was almost entirely in the classrooms, while this year it was almost entirely outside on the field.

It is great, as a student, to see that your staff and administration is putting in the time and effort in order for our learning environment to be more connected and stress free. Mr. Mueller, the principal of CCA, has also went on to tell every student that he wants the students to look beyond there grade point average and test scores, and see ourselves as more than a number. Having that mindset, especially while applying to colleges, has boosted myself confident and made me see myself as a more rounded individual. This is what I think Wellness days do the best. They help students understand the reason why they come to school every day. It is not just to better our grade point average, but to also improve as individuals in the social and intellectual sense.

For those students that did not show up they missed an amazing opportunity to connect with more students and gain more friendships.


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