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CCA Field Day | Ronnie Simon

CCA Field Day

by Ronnie Simon

This last Friday was the second annual CCA Field Day. PALs created this event last year as a means to keep the culture of CCA. Because our school is growing so much with so many new Freshmen coming in, PALs decided that the best way to maintain CCA’s inclusive environment is to take a day in the year and dedicate it solely to the purpose of getting to know our fellow classmates.

In my opinion, the day was pretty successful. Unlike last year, where the majority of the day was outside in the scorching sun, this year most of it was inside. I was not a participant in the activities but I got to witness them and they seemed to do a very good job in bringing together the student body.

As for the outside activities, they seemed to be extremely popular among the students. One of the most popular ones seemed to be soccer with the giant exercise balls. Not only did the students get to play soccer, but who doesn’t want to kick around a giant bouncy ball? The activities were extremely well planned and since the water was provided in water bottles instead of cups this year it seemed to run a whole lot smoother.

After interviewing Ali Naussbaum, PALs’ president, we got to see her insight on how the day went. “So far the day has been extremely successful, and everyone seems to be enjoying it. Our goal was to give everyone a day to just have fun and not worry about their academics and I think that was accomplished today,” Ali told us. She also mentioned to us that not only was it a fun day for the students, but also for the teachers and staff.

We also got some insight from one of the students attending field day. Shimon Chiat, senior at Canyon Crest Academy, told us that he enjoyed the inside portion of the day very much, but nothing compared to being able to run around the field with a couple of his best friends. He also enjoyed the soccer activity, but that’s not too different from any normal day for him, considering he was on the CCA varsity soccer team last year.

Although attendance may not have been what the PALs expected it to be, the day all in all was a success. It had a goal of bringing together the students and not only did it do that, but it also allowed everyone to just hang out and enjoy being at CCA.


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