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Coachella 2013 Preview Survival Guide

photo by flickr user Smithsonian Institution

By Griffin Laymon

The 2013 Coachella lineup has finally arrived! With bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, the XX and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s slated to play over the three-day festival; it is impossible to see how ticket holders could not be excited. On a weekend in mid-April the small desert town of Indio, California will come to life. Kids and adults alike will come from around the West Coast in order to participate in this three day musical festival know as Coachella. With no help from Mom and Dad, survival in this desert town during the hottest part of the year is a task that many must undergo in order to end up safe at home and not in the hospital. If you want to make sure you are ready for one of the most epic weekends of your life, there are a few necessary steps to take before embarking on this incredible musical adventure.

1)     Make sure you are well stocked up on water. H2O is a necessity one can’t afford to leave behind. With temperatures regularly in the 100’s and thousands of sweaty bodies around you, keeping well hydrated will determine whether you find yourself in the hospital or having the time of your life with your friends.

2)    Have a plan. With the Coachella grounds stretching over 90 acres becoming lost in the vast expanse of the festival is a large possibility. If you do find yourself lost, the Coachella app uses your GPS location to direct you to your destination.

3)    Know the difference between day clothes and nightclothes. For the day, girls should bring anything from shorts and sundresses to bathing suites. Guys are safe with shorts and any type of throwback or homemade shirts. At night layer up, so if the concert ends up going into the evening you can quickly throw on a jacket and not catch a chill.

With the first weekend of Coachella less than two months away there is plenty of time to prepare and get excited for the best musical experience of your life.

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