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Community Coffee Shops | Izzy Ster

Community Coffee Shops

By Izzy Ster

A coffee shop epidemic seems to be infecting students all over the nation; students everywhere are abandoning the comfort of their own homes and libraries for these hip study spaces. There are many reasons for the rising popularity of coffee shops: may it be a favorite latte or for the sake of an Instagram post, students are camping out at all different kinds of cafes. Looking for a new place to study? Check out this short list to find your next study hotspot.

Philz Coffee: Located at the Del Mar Highlands, Philz Coffee is a favorite among many students in Carmel Valley. Complete with comfortable seating (indoors and outdoors), friendly baristas, and good music, Philz is notable for their remarkable coffee and toasts. I can personally recommend their Gingersnap for iced coffee and Julie’s Ultimate for hot, but I also hear their avocado toast is delish. If you’re looking for a coffee shop that also fosters a sense of community and family, Philz is the place to go.

Joe and the Juice: Originating in Copenhagen, this Danish-Scandinavian inspired coffee and juice bar is at One Paseo and at Westfield UTC mall. Although this coffee shop may break your bank, it is well-known for having excellent coffee and juice—go for a Joe’s Roots if you want a juice or one of their organic coffees. You can even try lattes of a myriad of colors including pink, grey, purple, and yellow.

Blue Bottle Coffee: This coffee joint is located near Joe and the Juice at One Paseo, but offers a completely different vibe. Blue Bottle offers a very modern working atmosphere for students. Originally founded in Oakland in 2002, Blue Bottle has created itself a sort of coffee empire, spanning from the Bay Area, New York, Miami, Japan, and now our very own neighborhood. This spot is notable for their New Orleans-style iced coffee, espresso drinks, cold brew, and pastries.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters: Boasting the coffee shop with the best view on this list, Bird Rock overlooks Torrey Pines State Beach; the outdoor seating allows patrons to work with the luxury of the ocean breeze. To match the neighboring environment, the interior of Bird Rock has a clean, beach-inspired design. In addition to their unbelievable views, the coffee lives up to the same standards. A favorite Gold Digger beverage, which is their take on a honey cinnamon latte.

Hopefully this list inspires new places for all the students out there to study, and maybe even make studying not seem like such an arduous task. Of course, if none of these coffee hotspots suffice your caffeine fix, there’s always the Starbucks that’s probably within a mile from your house.

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