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Consider This | Margaret Le

With five weeks left of school, I’ve been reflecting on my four years here at Canyon Crest Academy. I still remember arriving at freshman orientation and wondering what this campus had in store for me. While high school may not have been enjoyable for some, it was undoubtedly a time of growth for everyone. With that said, here are five things all CCA students should consider during your remaining time in high school.

Take classes you’re remotely interested in:

With CCA’s semester system, you have enough space to take required courses but also interesting ones. Sometimes, you might feel pressured to take certain classes because “everyone else” is doing so. Whether it be the dreadful AP Calculus BC class or AP Chemistry, remember that your time at CCA is limited. Take that Digital Composition class if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make original music on MIDI. Or Non Western World History where you can listen to music, watch films, and learn about unfamiliar regions of the world! Whether your interests are in the sciences, arts, or humanities, take that class. You never know what could stem from that interest of yours.

Go to as many school events as you can:

It can be easy to stay in the monotonous routine of school, homework, and sleep, but to have the full CCA experience, you should attend as many events as you can. Hit the dance floor at homecoming, winter formal, and prom! You’ll never know if your time will be cut short by a pandemic and you end up not going at all. Of course, CCA is also known for its many arts and sport programs, so no matter your interests, you’ll definitely find something for you. If you’re into sports, check out field hockey in the fall, soccer in the winter, and swim during spring. Or, simply enjoy theater productions hosted by our Theatre Conservatory or have a laugh at Comedy Sportz matches. 

Get involved:

This is your time to explore beyond academics. That might be joining PALs, ASB, sports teams, or one of the conservatories (cinema, dance, visual art, instrumental music, humanities, theatre, or vocal music). Also, in case you didn’t notice, CCA has over 200 clubs. With that many options, you’re bound to find something you love. And if you can’t, then start your own club or find opportunities outside of school.

Go to events alone:

I know. My hands are sweating just from thinking about this. But once, I met a friend who went to winter formal alone. When I asked her why, she talked about being able to have a good time by herself. While I don’t think I would be brave enough to do that just yet, it reminded me of situations where you want to go somewhere, but no one is interested or available. Then, you’re left with two options: stay home and miss out or go on your own. And it’s never fun dwelling on missed opportunities. A couple months later, the new BTS movie came out in theaters. After a desperate search for a friend to accompany me, I found no one. Going to the movies alone seemed like such an odd thing to me but I ended up going and it was actually enjoyable.

Live in the moment:

Last week, I went back to school in person for the first time and naturally, it was my first time in my teachers’ classrooms. One thing that caught my eye was the clock in Mr. Stiven’s classroom. There were no hands on it, just the words “now.” I think most of us can agree on how quickly the past year with the pandemic zoomed by. To think that March 2020 was over a year ago is insane. Similarly, your high school years will feel short as well. The sophomores are taking their first AP classes then next thing they know, graduation is in a few weeks. It’s definitely difficult to enjoy the present when you’re stressing about upcoming tests and commitments. But remember that the present time is only the time that you can be in. Cherish all the time you have, take a chance, and carpe diem.

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