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Devine Pastabilities

While plugging the address 3545 Midway Drive into Mapquest, some may be troubled by the 25 minute trip down the I-5 into territory not customarily roamed by CCA students. However those who brave the treacherous drive south will find that they may have just as easily set their MapQuest destination to heaven.

Devine Pastabilities is a undoubtedly the most understated and original sandwich shop in San Diego. A carb lover’s paradise, their specialty is the Torpasta—a sesame seed roll, hallowed out and filled with thick, delicious Italian cuisine. Damien Devine, the owner and manager of Devine Pastabilities, as well as the inventor of the Torpasta, says the idea for the restaurant came when he was in the fourth grade. Troubled by the messy nature of spaghetti sandwiches, he set out to create the world’s best hot torpedo sandwich with exceptional pasta dishes inside—without the mess.

One day, as his school cafeteria served spaghetti with a bread roll, Devine decided to try out a solution to untidy spaghetti sandwiches. He poked a hole in the roll, hallowed out the inside and filled it with the pasta. Since then he has successfully perfected the art, opening a restaurant and catering business centered upon this incomparable dish.

The atmosphere of Devine Pastabilities is much like a sports bar fused with your favorite local Italian home restaurant. Televisions line the walls, showing every sport under the sun. Stickers with saying such as “Atkins is dead” are scattered throughout, and the servers wear black shirts with the slogan “I love carbs.” The restaurant is small, and the staff friendly. With only around 10 tables, the place is without a doubt warm and intimate. However if a table isn’t available, the restaurant also offers take-out for those of us who want their Torpasta on the go. Devine Pastabilities is not in the most accessible location, tucked away inside one of the many strip malls along Sports Arena Boulevard beside an H&R Block and a karate gym. However the restaurant is illuminated by a gigantic red and green sign proclaiming the name, and directing you towards carb heaven.

Those who find this gem of a restaurant will be unquestionably enthralled. Devine Pastabilities is inventive, original, and above all—delectable. While I wouldn’t recommend asking for the nutritional menu—carbs are carbs—one trip to Devine Pastabilities will certainly start a love affair that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.

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