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Different Types of People in High School | Bri Cateriano

Different Types of People in High School

by: Bri Cateriano

High school is an interesting place filled with interesting people. Coming into it, I knew that there were the jocks, populars, and nerds, however I was never fully aware how many different types of people there truly are. There are the music students, the emo kids, the stoners, and many more. Here are some of their stereotypes-

The Jocks: The jocks play sports and are praised for doing good in whatever sport they play. Whether it is soccer, basketball, field hockey, or lacrosse, those who are good at the sport are looked up upon by others. They are notorious for eating healthy and rejecting drugs because they are too serious about their sport. Many of “nerds” or people who want to play sports but cannot look up to the jocks in awe.

The Popular kids: The popular kids. The “in kids”. The people that everyone who is not one of them wishes to be. They have a reputation of having a lot of friends who are also “cool” or “popular”. The popular kids are known for being pretty or attractive ( most of the time) and are constantly at parties. They ( most of the time) have a ton of followers on instagram and have a lot of friends added on snapchat. The popular kids are famous for only living for high school and then once its over, they are so clueless and sad because no one in college knows that they were popular in high school.

The stoners: I think that most people know what a stoner is. A person who collects a lot of stones. Just kidding. A stoner is someone who smokes weed and gets high constantly. They are known for wearing hoodies that smell weird and black clothes with boots or beat up vans. Oh, and they love beanies. At school, they are also notorious for sitting with their own click with people of the same hobby as them and eating behind the bleachers or somewhere secluded. They have a tough time getting through school and barely pass their classes.

The music lovers: The music lovers are a talented bunch. They are always in the band, orchestra, or some type of music program. In their free time, they jam out and practice for their shows. They listen to a select type of music- classical.

The nerds: Nerds are a well-known group in high school. It is easy for most to tell the populars and the nerds apart. Nerds stereotypically wear glasses and are socially awkward. They care a lot about school and are super smart. Nerds can be found in honors and Ap classes, rarely regular classes. They usually get in to super good colleges and are not invited to parties unless it is their own.

The emo kids: Here’s a riddle. Who likes to be alone and listen to rock while always wearing black. You guessed it, it’s the emo kids. Wearing black and listening to angry rock music alone or with their emo friends is their specialty. That’s really all that is known about them.

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