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Drake Concert Review

By Rithika Verma

Picture taken by Rithika Verma

From acting as a teenager on a wheelchair in the hit Canadian teen drama show, Degrassi, to becoming a popular renown rapper in the last few years, Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake, recently ended his tour here in San Diego at the Viejas Arena. The Club Paradise tour, had been a short tour and his opening acts were Kendrick Lamar, and A$AP Rocky.

This was not a concert to bring your little siblings or parents with. As a fan of Drake since his days on Degrassi, and also being a Canadian native myself, I was really excited and pumped to see his show, and he did not disappoint. If you are a Drake fan, this was a concert not to miss.

I was sitting really close to the stage and my ears were ringing from the loud speakers booming above full blast. I was radiating with excitement though, through the opening acts as time got closer to the main act. When it was finally time for the main act, he came out with a spotlight and the whole stadium went black, and loud screams were all I could hear.

Throughout the concert he mostly sang songs from his recent album, Take Care, and entertained throughout the whole concert. He rapped his old songs brought the Canadian celebrity to stardom, like “Forever” and “Over” . He also brought back old songs from Thank Me Later, like “Miss Me”, and “Up All Night”. I was disappointed that he did not sing his old feel good songs, “Find Your Love” and “Best I Ever Had”. With each song though, you were left anticipating for the next and he sounded great with each rap and the whole audience was at a high level of excitement with him.

At one point in the concert, he was calling out people in the audience. His funny personality shone through as he commented on people that wore sunglasses in the concert, I know you can’t see anything with those glasses man, maybe you’re more of a sound person then. When he got to my section and called out the girl standing next to me, she just fell to the floor and I stood there confused, but Drake seemed worried and asked that someone bring her cold water.

Of course, he sung his newest song  that brought the phrase “YOLO” (you only live once) to popularity, “The Motto.” He also rapped his most recent single “Take Care” which features Rihanna, and he closed the concert with his first single of his new album, “Headlines”. Overall the concert was a great experience, and as a big fan of Drake, I was singing along to every rap as he did not disappoint as an overall entertainer and rapper.

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