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Dream Divination | Melody Abouzari

If you’re new to learning about Pulse and its staff members, let me introduce you. Hi, my name is Melody and I am the staff’s certified Astrologist. Zodiac signs, crystals, and the art of manifestation are more than just little hobbies; it’s my lifestyle. Of course, dreams play a big role in that as well.

Have you ever had a recurring dream of your teeth falling out, or a loved one passing away all of a sudden? More likely than not, that dream can be a sign being sent to you by your very own subconscious.

Scientists have proposed numerous theories regarding the exact science behind those lucid memories. Some of the most popular theories come from psychiatrist Sigmund Freud which ranged from memory consolidation (dreams are replays of waking life), activation synthesis (dreams enable us to make connections between memories), and emotion regulation (dreams are a manifestation of, and some sort of therapy for, our emotions). But still, there isn’t a definite answer to the age old question: what do dreams actually mean? Luckily for us, scientists have been able to make connections between certain symbols seen in dreams, and what they can represent.

Symbol number one is teeth falling out. Personally, I am no stranger to this dream. I’ve noticed that anytime I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I seem to be missing a tooth or two after the previous night. Dreaming of your teeth falling out can typically be linked to fear, anxiety, or insecurity. Don’t worry though. You’ll surely feel some relief when you find all your teeth intact in the morning!

Symbol number two is having poor performance, whether that be through a sport performance or an academic one. While asleep, your dream-self may be feeling embarrassed or insecure while they are being scaled at this level. These dreams typically don’t relate to your status currently in your academics, but rather the fact that you will be faced with an important decision, and your opinion will be coming soon.

Symbol number three is being naked when you really shouldn’t be. Now come on, there is no need to be embarrassed with this dream, especially with how common it can be. Scientifically speaking, 9/10 people experience this dream (actually that's a statistic I just created on the spot but hey, you get the point!). This one, much like the poor performance dream, has to do with a feeling of anxiousness and stress regarding one’s personal weakness and/or shortcomings.

Symbol number four is death, whether it be to yourself or to a family member. Death is a natural process, and can oftentimes be seen as good luck. Death can also be seen as transformation. When it comes to dreams about death, the most common answer is growth and loss of something or someone (not literally, metaphorically) in one’s life.

Symbol five is flying. Flying dreams typically relate to feelings of control, freedom, and escaping your bubble for greater and higher horizons. Depending on circumstances revolving around the flight, whether it be through the heights reached or who is controlling the flight, it can also symbolize opening up to new perspectives.

The next time you have a vivid dream, log it into a notebook! You’ll never know what they just might predict.

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