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Endgame Review | Manit Bishnoi

Endgame Review

by: Manit Bishnoi

Avengers: Endgame has scored an insane 95% on the movie critic site Rotten Tomatoes, and is currently standing at an 8.9/10 on imdB. This movie is obviously a huge success with all the fans and with these impressive reviews come impressive box office numbers. The movie is currently at a jaw-dropping $2,192,161,748 which is the second highest of all time behind 2009’s Avatar’s $2,787,965,087. The movie isn’t finished yet, however, with predictions being that it will definitely break Avatar’s record and be written down as the highest grossing film in history.

Now, onto the repercussions of the movie itself. With the death of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark(AKA Iron Man) and the retirement of Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers(AKA Captain America), the Earth is left without its two mightiest protectors. This leaves other heroes in disarray as they struggle to find their place now with their two idols gone. The Captain America mantle is now passed down to Sam Wilson, Steve’s longtime friend with the alter ego of the Falcon. Steve puts his faith into Sam to do the right thing and serve with heart as the new Captain America and maybe eventually form and lead his own team of heroes.

The next movie in the MCU will be Spiderman: Far From Home which is scheduled to come on July 2nd this year and is supposed to be the final movie in this phase of Marvel and will also be the final movie in Marvel’s coveted Infinity Saga. From what we here at Pulse can gather from its most recent trailer which dropped this morning, it seems to be about how Peter Parker(AKA Spiderman) is coping with the death of his mentor Tony Stark and the stress he feels about filling his shoes and whether or not he is worthy.

Both these characters will be further developed in upcoming movies and in Sam Wilson’s case, his TV series on Disney plus. Overall the Infinity Saga may be the best collection of movies of all times and it seems that Marvel isn’t even close to being finished yet with their cinematic universe so stay alert for more movies to come!

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