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Final Decisions

By Avery Naughton

Picture from CCA School Website

Middle school students across San Diego County are anxiously waiting to find out what schools they will go to. The high school selection process closed this Monday on March 5th.  Pupils from schools around San Diego have chosen the school that best fits them.

There are many excellent private and public schools to choose from. While many will opt for public schools such as La Costa Canyon, Torrey Pines, San Dieguito, and of course, Canyon Crest Academy; some will venture away from public education and steer towards the path of private schools. There are many private schools in San Diego, including Francis Parker, San Diego Jewish Academy, and Bishop’s.Although both education systems have their faults, each is able to cater to students needs and fit each individual accordingly.

As every student at Canyon Crest Academy knows, a new class of freshman can change the entire balance of CCA. As a school that prides itself on individuality and the arts;there is always a question of whether or not the freshman class will live up to these expectations. Although the mass majority will probably find a niche in CCA,others have a more difficult journey ahead. In the past few years, it has become evident that the newer classes don’t always share the same beliefs of what CCA should be. Some are more sports- oriented while others are less studious. As part of the new classes, it’s obvious to me that the chemistry that makes Canyon Crest what it is, is changing, and not necessarily for the better. With a basis formed from the idea that students chose CCA despite the chance that they may not get in, it its believed that all pupils who decide to come to the institution truly desire to be here. With a process that has broken the hearts of many and confused students and parents alike, students coming up to high school may be forced to choose a high school that may not necessarily be their first choice. The lottery for CCA will be held on March 20th and the enrollment deadlines are on April 27th.

The road can be bumpy and rough; but with the support of the fantastic teachers and parents, the transition from middle school to high school will be one of limited stress and worry. Even though not everyone will make it into their desired school, the high schools of San Diego provide students with all of the tools to succeed.

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