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Freshmen Frenzy: Finding the Right Club for You | Arthi Chandra

The large search for clubs is one massive task for the incoming and current freshmen at CCA. With the last club fair of the year having just occurred, many students have to make decisions and plan out their courses for the next year based on the number of clubs they choose. It’s no surprise that most students roaming around the club fair are freshmen, the main target audience for many expanding clubs. Although running an active club at CCA is extremely tough, the students joining often struggle with the multitude of choices provided on this fateful day.

As a Freshman at CCA, I haven’t gotten to know much about every club myself, but there is a right way to find a good club for you. The first step of finding a club is taking into account your scheduling. Do you have time for the club, or does it interfere with other activities that you are already involved in? If you join a club, you have to make sure you are interested in it; if you want to join a club to simply put on your college applications or are just looking for a leadership position, consider making your own club and not taking up leadership spots in a pre-existing club. You don’t have to be a completely active member, but making sure that you are at most club meetings is definitely important.

The next thing you need to know before joining a club is if the club is active or hosts meetings at its designated time. If you try to go to every club meeting but the students running the club don’t participate at all or even host meetings it is important to not give up on joining clubs. With the number of clubs at CCA, there are always ample opportunities.

Another option is starting your own club based on your interests. Although there are many existing clubs, there are always ideas that don’t make it onto the official list.

Finally, you can talk with the presidents of a club that you’re interested in and find a way to take control of it so you can make it active again.

Although there are many ways to find the perfect club for you, many students, especially freshmen, can tend to make mistakes. One common mistake that many people make is signing up for most clubs they see or joining multiple clubs. By doing this, the person then gets a lot of emails and google classrooms added, and they often burn out due to the stress of doing that many clubs. Another common mistake that people make is thinking that signing an interest form or going to the first club meeting forces you to be part of the club forever. In reality, you can join or drop out of most clubs at any time in the year, although it is not recommended because the clubs you join should be ones you are interested in. Interest forms are also often used as a count to see how many people are interested, but not a complete agreement to joining the club.

Through this article, I hope you find success in finding or making the right club for you. For more information about finding clubs, you can visit the ASB website or visit the list of official clubs offered at CCA.

The list of clubs can be found here !

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