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Fruit in a New Way | Sam Ramirez

Fruit in a New Way

by: Sam Ramirez

Are you sick of the same old places- Better Buzz, Square Bar Cafe, boba, ice cream, froyo, smoothies or even acai?

Why not try something new since the San Diego weather is getting hotter and summer is right around the corner!

Angelito’s Fruteria y Neveria, translated to Angelito’s fruit and ice cream, is a great place to try especially in this heat. When you step into Angelito’s you are kindly greeted by the workers. They are loud and happy and you can see various menus hanging throughout the store. Menus on almost every wall, there are many options to choose from!

Mexico is only an hour away from Carmel Valley which isn’t too far for us San Diegans. But why not get a glimpse of Mexican culture closer to home!

Angelito’s is located in Vista which is a bit of a drive from Carmel Valley, but is very much worth it. You not only get the culture feel of it but you can take a group of friends along with you. It’s a great place to get some cool instagram photos and a cool place to explore food. There are also places similar to Angelito’s in Downtown San Diego.

Angelito’s is Mexican-inspired and they are known for their cups of fruit and ice cream. Their fruit and ice cream is topped with chile peppers, salt, lime juice and other spices to enhance the fruit with a tangy and spicy flavor.

Their most popular item on the menu is called “Tostimangos”. Tostimagos is a plate with spicy chips like Cheetos or Takis and mango is sliced up and placed on top along with spices and “cueritos” or pig skin.

Yes this may sound weird and even gross, but it’s so good!! And what makes this so much better is not many people are familiar with eating fruit or ice cream this way.

This summer, avoid the same old places near home and step out of your comfort zone to try something new, it’s worth the drive.

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