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Girl Scout Cookies | Sophia Larson

While there are many good cookie options year round to either buy at stores or make ourselves, there comes a time every February where everybody’s favorite cookies start getting sold again: Girl Scout cookies. While known to be very overpriced and sought after, girl scout cookies are sold by young girl scouts to raise money for their troops and for the girl scout organization. These famous cookies are only sold for three weeks out of the year, so get them while you can! Here is a rundown of everybody’s favorite cookies.

Thin Mints: As the most popular girl scout cookies, thin mints are exactly what they sound like: thin mint cookies covered in chocolate. As one of the original girl scout cookies, thin mints started being commercially sold in the 1950s. Along with thin mints, Savannahs (now known as Do-di-dos) and Shortbreads (now known as Trefoils) began being sold. With the title as most popular girl scout cookies, thin mints are arguably the best, and sell for $5 a box. 

Samoas: Another very popular variety of girl scout cookies, Samoas are vanilla cookies covered in caramel, coconut flakes, and chocolate stripes. Although Samoas are very sweet, they are still some of the best girl scout cookies. Personally, they are definitely top three. Samoas started being sold in the 1970s, and also sell for $5 a box. 

Do-si-Dos: Do-si-Dos, the next most popular variety of girl scout cookies, are an original girl scout cookie recipe, and are oatmeal cookies with overly sweet peanut butter filling. Originally known as Savannahs, Do-si-Dos are not as popular as Thin Mints or Samoas, and in my opinion, is for a reason. These type of girl scout cookies are far too sweet for my taste, but if you like that, they can be bought for $5 a box as well. 

Tagalongs: Tagalongs, one of my personal favorites, are crispy vanilla cookies with peanut butter layered on it, covered in chocolate. Although tagalongs can also be very sweet, they are delicious, and a fan favorite. These cookies are also sold for $5 a box.

Trefoils: Trefoils, the next type of Girl Scout cookies, are mediocre at best. These shortbread cookies are seemingly only bought by grandmas supporting their grandchildren who happen to be selling this type of girl scout cookies. With a bland flavor, Trefoils are not good (in my humble opinion). If you disagree and happen to like Trefoils, you can buy them for $5.

Girl Scout S’mores: Girl Scout S’mores, known as a specialty cookie, are another of girl scout’s newer cookies, released last year. Sold for $6 a box, Girl Scout S’mores are graham cracker sandwich cookies with marshmallow and chocolate filling. 

Lemon-Up: Lemon-Ups are the Girl Scout’s newest variety of cookies. Released this year, these cookies are lemon cookies with sweet glaze on the top. As the newest cookie, these are the least popular, but may gain more popularity in the future. I have no opinion on these cookies as I have yet to try them, but they are sold for $5 a box.

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