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Halloween Forecast | Maxine Mah

Since midterms are over and the weather has died down to a cool 70 degrees, I think it's finally socially acceptable to talk about Halloween — more specifically the costumes. I’m sure we can all remember the infamous “Annoying Orange” morphsuit trends from when we were in elementary school (when it was normal for us to actually dress up), but my guess is that the costumes this year will be a little different from the fads of the 2010s. So without further ado, here are my predictions on what we’ll see walking around our neighborhood this year.

1. Among Us

It actually pains me to even think about children running around and screaming that they’re the imposter, but I have no doubt that Among Us costumes will still be relevant on October 31st. Of course, some might dress up with a solid color jumpsuit or an astronaut helmet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if blow-up suits show up too. Just make sure to steer clear of these kids before they run around murdering crewmates.

2. Squid Game

Again, no surprise here. On TikTok, I’ve already seen people showing the green tracksuit or the red jumpsuit they plan to wear on Halloween, mimicking the clothes from the K-Drama on Netflix. And believe me, I have no complaints — the more 067 cosplays the better. But if anyone asks you to play ddakji as day turns to night, run as fast as you can, unless you think you can win 4.56 million won.

3. Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Wanda Maximoff, or Loki

With a couple Marvel movies and shows making their debut this year, either being Black Widow, Shang-Chi, the Scarlet Witch, or Loki would be a smart idea this Halloween. Of course, I would expect more adults to be portraying as famous superheroes, but if I saw a mini Natasha Romanoff asking for a Twix bar on my front porch, you better believe I would give her my whole supply.

4. Winx Club or Strawberry Shortcake

Ever since the reboot for both of these shows was announced, I don’t think anyone has stopped talking about them. Grabbing a group of friends and showing up to a Halloween party as Winx Club fairies or Strawberry Shortcake and her friends would be iconic. Not to mention the fact that the outfits are easy to make and extremely trendy as it is.

5. Animal Crossing

Seeing as some characters in the game went Twitter viral earlier this year, and the new update is making everyone grab their Switch, I think Animal Crossing characters will be a popular costume this year. Either grabbing a guitar and becoming K.K. Slider or having a tote bag filled with “bells” in case Tom Nook runs around the corner, being a cute cartoon animal for a night doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea.

6. Traditional/Simple Costumes

We can’t forget about the good ol’ Angel/Devil, Vampire, or Ghost this Halloween, as these costumes are so iconic, they probably won’t ever stop showing up. Especially for a last-minute party, or if you slacked off on picking a costume this year, I’m sure we’ll continue to see our favorite monsters walk the streets.

Although dressing up seems like a thing of the past — especially for high schoolers — looking at all the different costumes year after year and seeing the changing trends is always interesting. So here’s to the imposters, the 456s, the Black Widows, and the Ankahs this year — hopefully you have a safe, fun, COVID-free Halloween!

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