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Hanukkah Gifting Tips and Tricks | Noah Gaines

Hanukkah Gift Tips and Tricks

by: Noah Gaines

Happy Holidays from the Pulse staff! However, with the holidays comes relentless stressing over holidays gifts for friends and family. The stress is justified, but, I’m gonna help you get presents for those eights special nights for some of you. Hanukkah began Sunday night at sundown, so let’s get the show rolling.

The first night of Hanukkah, you have to begin slowly but surely. You don’t want to buy that huge one of a kind gift, you want to build up so each night seems more special than the last. As a first night gift, I recommend a coloring book for a small child or a book for a teen or adult. Start simple so that your gift goes a long way later. Second night of hanukkah, a soft, comforting blanket can work. It is also a benefit because you can use the gift as much as your partner does. It is typical – although maybe not in San Diego’s temperate climate – to snuggle up in a warm blanket and watch this seasons Netflix originals.

Third night you’re right in the thick of things here. A solid gift, a mug. Everyone wants a special, good of heart gift from a special someone. 83% of people drink coffee in America, this gift is practical and can be used on a daily basis. Fourth night we’re about halfway here now, so it may be time to spice it up a bit. I would take my person of group of people to the theatre and watch a movie. The experience is bound to be epic and the theatre is most likely going to play some movies related to the holiday spirit, such as The Grinch. You can live up the holiday spirit and make it festive for all.

Fifth night, congratulations! You made it halfway through. But now you need to step up your game to a whole new level, an unprecedented level during the eight day fiasco. Day five you can give a giftcard to a favorite restaurant or retailer. People love nothing more than cash, especially cash to one’s favorite shopping place to indulge on good food, or buy the hottest holiday sweater. Day six, it’s time to take the most unoriginal gift -the gift card- and make or think of something that hits to home. If whomever you’re doing this for has an inside joke or favorite craving, tonight’s the night. Caramel chocolates or a T-shirt from a favorite television show or Netflix series, something original to show them you’re worth more than a gift card.

Seventh night. You’re almost there trooper, you gotta push through. I vote clothes as the way to go. The hardest part about this is probably finding out the size of the person or people you’re buying for, aside from that, just pay attention what they looking for when you waltz around the mall.

Eighth night! You made it! Here’s the big one. Food is the avenue to drive down here. Make a homemade meal, cater in that person’s favorite restaurant, go out on the town and dine in at a white tablecloth restaurant. Tonight is the night to understand that holidays mean more than wrapping paper and price tags, it’s about being with loved ones and making memories. A nice dinner is a perfect way to end all the chaos and enjoy the holidays for what they are.

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