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Hello Fall! | Brianna Cateriano

Goodbye summer — hello fall! Finally, the weather is cold enough to wear sweaters, it’s socially acceptable to light candles during any time of the day, and Starbucks’s famous Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in season — yay. Now that the summer is unfortunately coming to an end, many of the beloved summer activities are doing so as well, such as tanning at the beach, laying out at the pool, and going on an adventurous summer vacation with your family. Now that these activities are no longer available to us, what in the world are we supposed to do with our spare time? Luckily, I have some fun fall festivities to make this season the best one yet.

Festivity Number One: room redecorating.

The comfy and cozy vibe that comes with fall is one that should be utilized when it comes to your surroundings and more specifically, your room. Adding a pumpkin scented candle, putting fall colored leaves (red, orange, yellow) on the wall, and getting some throw blankets are all ways to give your room the fall feel. Stores that you can acquire these fall decorations include Michaels, Home Goods, Amazon, and Target.

Festivity number two: doing school work at a coffee shop.

Although a cliche, doing homework at a coffee shop totally screams fall. The cool fall breeze with a nice, warm cup of coffee, followed by the smoothe jazz music playing on the overhead speaker, gives everyone the incentive to focus and do their work.

Festivity number three: getting a new wardrobe.

The transition from summer time to fall time is one characterized by a change in weather, which means no more flip flops, short-shorts, and tank tops. Instead, proper fall attire consists of boots, sweaters, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, and long pants. To dress up in a fall outfit, it is common to also add a scarf, beanie, or even a brim hat. Many of the clothes are usually warm colors, such as red, pink, orange, or yellow; you can also never go wrong with the colors black, white, or gray. One way in which it is common to get cute, unique fall-appropriate clothes is through thrift shopping, and some places in San Diego include the Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift store in Cardiff and Buffalo Exchange in Pacific Beach.

Although it is saddening that the summer has come to an end, fall time is one that emanates immaculate vibes through its cool weather, cozy aesthetic, and seasonal pumpkin spice lattes. To enhance your fall-time experience, follow the three aforementioned festivities, as redecorating your room, doing school work at a coffee shop, and getting a new wardrobe are all things that have contributed to the fall being my favorite season.

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