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Ho Chi Minh Trail | Jack Mittemeyer

Ho Chi Minh Trail

by Jack Mittemeyer

Other than providing support to troops during the Vietnam war, the Ho Chi Minh trail is an enjoyable trail located in La Jolla that many surfers and beachgoers use to get to the beach. Although it is hidden,  you can find it on Google Maps, located on la Jolla Farms road.

This hike borders on being unsafe, but the view is worth it. Also, pro tip, do not go on this hike if it is raining or has recently rained because it would cause the trail to be very slick.

To start things off, you do not want to wear flip flops on the hike because you want maximum grip so either go barefoot, which I did, or wear a good pair of hiking shoes.

When you are approaching the trail on La Jolla Farms Road you pass some beautiful houses that are overlooking the beach. Once you arrive at the trail you may not find it right away because it is hidden between two green construction fences that are wedged between two houses.

After passing through the fences it opens up to an amazing view of a canyon overlooking the ocean. The beginning of the trail is fairly steep but it is pretty easy compared to the rest of the hike. As you continue going down you get to cross a long wooden beam, but it could be avoided if you are not the best at balancing. After you pass this, you come upon a little cliff where you could either go down into a little river with water flowing through, or you can go down through two big sandstone walls that take you down closer to the beach.

Once making it through the sandstone walls the hike may seem a bit sketchy. You continue to walk along a narrow trail that is next to a fairly steep drop. Although it is not very hard it is pretty scary because you are walking on a  thin trail and it seems as if there is nowhere to get grip, but don’t worry it really isn’t too difficult.

When you get to the final 100 feet of the tail and the sand will finally be in view, in my opinion, this is the most difficult part of this trek. It is a slippery and steep descent down to the sand where I slipped, fell and slid down, but sliding is not the only way down, as I saw a few surfers accomplish this feat without falling. After you have completed this you are done; you get to now relax on the beach and enjoy the day until you have to hike back up.


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