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How Movies Have Ruined My Life | Libby Edwards

How Movies Have Ruined My Life

It was at the age of four that I saw my first R-rated movie, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Ever since then I have been completely obsessed with films. I currently own over 200 dvds and have watched almost any movie you can imagine. I am still traumatized from watching “Juno” when I was 7, a film about a pregnant teenager who has an unhealthy obsession with Sunny-D (Trust me when I say that watching “Juno” with your parents is not a good idea). It’s through these movies that I have gained so much knowledge and perspective on the world itself.

As much as I love these movies, the truth is, movies have ruined my life!!! It’s true, movies have given me such high expectations for my life. When I was little, I would watch “Halloweentown” every year and recite all of the spells that I heard. I was just waiting for the day that I turned 13 and became a witch, little did I know, that day would never come. I soon moved from kid movies to Rom-Coms. I started watching all the John Hughes movies and Molly Ringwald became my inspiration. I watched “Sixteen Candles” when I was 13 and I was so looking forward to my 16th birthday, where I would meet my own “Jake Ryan” and end the night blowing out the candles of my birthday cake in a bridesmaids dress. That day was a real bummer.

I have now moved on to the classics, my current favorite being “Good Will Hunting,” a movie that combines math, boston accents, and Robin Williams’s unlimited sweater collection, what’s not to like? This movie brings me to a whole new level of sadness. While it is much more realistic than most of the movies I have watched, it’s so close to being real that I can’t use the excuse “that only happens in the movies.” Yes, a secret math genius living in Boston may not be that realistic, but the relationships between the characters is what makes it so realistic and makes me so sad. The relationship between Matt Damon and Robin William’s characters alone is a bond strong enough to make anyone jealous.

I guess I’ve learned that our lives will never be like the movies, I mean how could the be? Movies are perfectly scripted, the people make perfect speeches and no matter what mistake they made, they are always forgiven. The thing that’s so different about life and movies is that movies end, yes so does life, but they end when everything is going great, when the couple ends up together and is unbelievably and disgustingly happy. They never show you what happens ten years later when the couple could be divorced or just plain miserable. “La La Land” got it right. (SPOILER ALERT) Mia and Sebastian didn’t end up together because they knew that if they did, their dreams wouldn’t come true. That’s real life, making tough decisions and not marrying Ryan Gosling (unfortunately). Every now and then though, try and live like you’re in a movie. Go do something crazy and adventurous, make your boyfriend/girlfriend put a boombox on their shoulder outside your window or sing a high school musical song to you. If your life isn’t as exciting as a movie, make it be. “It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you watch them on a screen.” -Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

Below is my list of 150 movies that I recommend you see (in no specific order):

  1.      The Godfather (film series)

  2.       Scarface

  3.       Top Gun

  4.       Goodfellas

  5.       Kill Bill

  6.       Roman Holiday

  7.       Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  8.       Casablanca

  9.       Cast Away

  10.       Whiplash

  11.       Big

  12.       The Da Vinci Code

  13.       Philadelphia

  14.       Jaws

  15.       Catch Me if You Can

  16.       Django Unchained

  17.       Good Will Hunting

  18.       Dead Poet’s Society

  19.       Taxi Driver

  20.       The Graduate

  21.       It’s a Wonderful Life

  22.       Singin’ in the Rain

  23.       The Shining

  24.       Almost Famous

  25.       Chinatown

  26.       Lawrence of Arabia

  27.       Some Like it Hot

  28.       Apollo 13

  29.       Spotlight

  30.       Psycho

  31.       American Psycho

  32.       The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

  33.       The Birds

  34.       Rear Window

  35.       Misery

  36.       Malcolm X

  37.       Groundhog Day

  38.       Schindler’s List

  39.       The Shawshank Redemption

  40.       Sense and Sensibility

  41.       Pulp Fiction

  42.       The Usual Suspects

  43.       Fargo

  44.       Saving Private Ryan

  45.       American Beauty

  46.       Fight Club

  47.       The Matrix

  48.       The Sixth Sense

  49.       Brokeback Mountain

  50.       The Hurt Locker

  51.       The Exorcist

  52.       Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)

  53.       Dawn of the Dead (original)

  54.       American Hustle

  55.       A Nightmare on Elm Street (original)

  56.        Halloween

  57.        E.T.

  58.        The Goonies

  59.       Wolf of Wallstreet

  60.        Die Hard

  61.        Beverly Hills Cop

  62.        Airplane!

  63.        Caddyshack

  64.        Boyz n the Hood

  65.        Annie Hall

  66.        American Graffiti

  67.        Rocky

  68.        12 Years a Slave

  69.        The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  70.        Strangers on a Train

  71.        The Pursuit of Happiness

  72.        The Dark Knight

  73.        Inglorious Bastards

  74.        The Silence of the Lambs

  75.        Room

  76.        No Country for Old Men

  77.        Million Dollar Baby

  78.        Prisoners

  79.        Memento

  80.        Boyhood

  81.        Sunset Boulevard

  82.        Frankenstein (original)

  83.        Zero Dark Thirty

  84.        Moneyball

  85.        Slumdog Millionaire

  86.         Boys Don’t Cry

  87.         The Breakfast Club

  88.         Beetlejuice

  89.         Seven

  90.         Sound of Music

  91.         Forrest Gump

  92.         Footloose

  93.         Grease

  94.         Titanic

  95.         Pretty Woman

  96.         Poltergeist (original)

  97.         Back to the Future (film series)

  98.         Argo

  99.         Ghostbusters (original)

  100.        The Grand Budapest Hotel

  101.        The Wizard of Oz

  102.        Raging Bull

  103.        Inside Out

  104.        12 Angry Men

  105.        The Lion King

  106.        Star Wars (original trilogy)

  107.        Bridesmaids

  108.        Rain Man

  109.         The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  110.         Stand by me

  111.         The Green Mile

  112.         Terminator 1 & 2

  113.         The Departed

  114.         Gladiator

  115.         Apocalypse Now

  116.         Alien

  117.         Reservoir dogs

  118.         Braveheart

  119.         A Clockwork Orange

  120.         To Kill a Mockingbird  

  121.         Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

  122.        Jerry Maguire

  123.        Risky Business

  124.        Gone with the Wind

  125.        Mary Poppins

  126.        Shrek

  127.        Birdman

  128.        Planet of the Apes(film series)

  129.        Star Trek(film series)

  130.        Dirty Harry  

  131.        The Professional

  132.        Moulin Rouge!

  133.        All About Eve

  134.        Die Hard(film series)

  135.        A Few Good Men

  136.        As Good as  It Gets

  137.        Avatar

  138.        Gone with the Wind

  139.        The Sandlot

  140.        Rocky

  141.   Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

  142.        Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

  143.        The Color Purple

  144.        A Christmas Story

  145.        Gladiator

  146.        West Side Story

  147.        The Artist

  148.        Rebel Without a Cause

  149.        Mr. Holland’s Opus

  150.        The Social Network


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