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How to be a Trendy Insta Girl | Kaylynn O’Curran

How to be a Trendy Insta Girl

by: Kaylynn O’Curran

Has your instagram feed been dull lately? Is your mom the only one who comments on your photos? Are you the first like on your own Instagram post? If you apply to any of these keep reading! As a self-proclaimed Instagram expert (my 400 followers would help boast this point), I know all the tips and tricks of getting a lot of likes and having copious amounts of online friends.

The first trick to a great Instagram post is an even greater shoot location. My personal favorite is a cute, cozy coffee shop. Whether or not you actually like coffee is unimportant. Seeing as everything else on Instagram is fake, your preferences can be fake too. Some options for coffee shops in San Diego include Communal Coffee, Bird Rock Cafe, or an all time classic Lofty Coffee. Any of these locations will help you be a trendy allstar that makes all your followers super jealous.

The second trick to a great Instagram post is the outfit you choose to wear. All the cool kids are going to those thrift shops and getting quirky and cute outfits to post in. If you’re lazy, as most high schoolers are, Urban Outfitters or Brandy Melville will surely do the trick. Yes, every girl might have the same exact shirt as you, but it’s fine. Also remember that you can never, on any circumstance, post in the same outfit twice. God forbid people think you actually wear an outfit more than once.

The third trick to a great Instagram post is having a friend (or hiring a “friend”) to take the picture of you. A location and outfit are useless if your mom is zooming in on all the wrong parts of you. You need someone who is willing to go to any lengths to get the angle perfect and honestly if they don’t go to these lengths they are an awful friend.

The fourth, and final, trick to a great Instagram post is the caption. Every other trick is absolutely useless to the effort if your caption is “#blessed”. A bad caption will get you negative likes and the next thing you know everyone in your life will abandon you. An example of a good caption is “thought I looked cute, might delete later”. This is a good caption because it establishes you as someone who is quirky and who can take a joke. The ultimate goal is to look quirky.

If you follow this ultimate guide to Instagram posts you will reach every level of coolness you have dreamed about. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing in life is your Instagram feed. Now, I won’t be able to like these photos you all post because I have deleted Instagram. I have decided I am much too cool for it. Best of luck!

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