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How to Survive AP Tests | Sammy Benbow

How to Survive AP Tests

by Sammy Benbow

Once again, it’s that time of year. For many kids across San Diego and the United States, it’s time for AP Testing. You think “I should be getting ready for summer, not an AP Bio test.” Though it may be hard to stay motivated to study while we’re this close to summer, here are some ways to successfully budget your time and beat those exams.

  1. Don’t spend too much time studying. Even though you may really want to score a 5 on every test you take, you shouldn’t try to cram too much studying into every day. Try to find time in your schedule every day, but not to the point of exhaustion, because if you study too hard and for too long, you start to forget the material.

  2. Get enough sleep. Possibly the most neglected by high school students nowadays, sleep is vital to performing well on AP tests. Yes, studying is important too, but no amount of studying can match the power of a good night sleep.

  3. Eat a big breakfast before testing. By skipping breakfast, you lose nutrients that are key to get your brain going and performing at top level. However, if you eat a breakfast with a lot of protein, such as eggs or bacon, your brain is activated and you start testing at top potential.

  4. Go to study sessions if needed. Nearly every AP class has a list of study sessions throughout the term, so if you are feeling crunched for time at home, or just need a little help with material, AP study sessions are perfect to go to. They aren’t too long, and they are always a big benefit towards learning the material.

  1. Remember your other classes. During this time, kids become so focused on studying for their AP tests, that they forget their other classes. Remember that every class is important, so while APs deserve attention, don’t forget to put sufficient time into your other, non-APs.

  2. Just relax. It’s vital not to get stressed during this time. Yes, AP tests are hard and they do make an impact on your future, they shouldn’t occupy all of your thoughts during the day. Try to do something fun like going to the beach or going out with friends, just to spend a little time away from the grind of studying.

That’s all there is! Good luck on AP exams this year!


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