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Hunger Games World Premiere Red Carpet Fashion Report

By Arianna Irwin

Hosted in Los Angeles, “The Hunger Games” world premiere was a night to remember.  The stars took to the black carpet with a series of smiles and daring ensembles. The outfits were the talk of the night and ranged from unfortunate to fabulous. Let’s check it out!

Jennifer Lawrence: B-

The dress reflected the essence of Panem, the futuristic and dark world where The Hunger Games takes place. The dress did shimmer and shine, but the front section covering her stomach was somewhat frumpy making this beautiful starlet appear larger than she really is. I am a huge fan of Lawrence’s blonde locks, however this hairstyle was a complete disaster. It looks like she just woke up, stepped out of bed and showed up to the premiere.

Elizabeth Banks: A-

I love and respect daring fashion choices. Banks chose a dress that reflected her futuristic and fashionable character in the film. While the dress is a piece of art and the detail is extraordinary, her hair took away from the overall look. The hair was pedestrian and didn’t frame her face well.  But her earrings were fabulous and the dress was to die for.

Miley Cyrus: B

Oh Miley, you were so close! The heels were my favorite of the night, their detail and the fact that she grew five inches was absolutely fantastic. Her hair looked better than ever. I love the short, wavy look and the blonde highlights compliment her skin well. But the ensemble, sheer and covered in black sparkles, just reminded me of a gypsy.

Leven Rambin: A

She plays Glimmer and man did she shine! The daring red dress matched with her blonde locks was a match made in heaven. It was a mix of classic Hollywood with contemporary fashion. The deep neckline added the perfect amount of sexiness to the look.

Jacqueline Emerson: B-

Well I guess it’s good that it’s close to St. Patrick’s Day because Emerson looked like she was going to a Leprechaun party. While the dress’s design was simple and elegant, the color contrasted too much with her bright red hair.

Isabelle Fuhrman: A-

For taking on the role of one of the deadliest tributes Fuhrman did look super cute! The sparkles, the hair, the natural make up were age appropriate and adorable.

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