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Ikea Ideas | Will Duncan

If you are looking for a way to test the strength of a friendship, head to Ikea and pick up any complex furniture piece, and while you're there make sure to keep an eye out for some of my favorite finds.

  1. BILD: Coming in at a reasonable price of 6 dollars, the “BILD” is a four-pack of plant posters. The 16 x 20 ” posters feature different diagrams of flowers and breakdowns of their stages. Throughout the posters, there is a color pallet consisting of greens, pinks, and beige. Personally, I have scattered them across my room and think they add an element of cohesion to my many conflicting colors.

  1. Stockholm: I’ve had this mirror for about two years now and I can safely say it was worth the 80$. I adore the wood trimming along its perimeter and the slight overhang it has on the rim, which allows for the storage of tiny trinkets like rings and necklaces. Additionally, the circular shape adds a welcoming atmosphere to the many hard lines throughout my room; I think that something that is used to view (and probably judge) yourself through should feel and look welcoming.

  1. EPIPREMNUM: The Epipremnum is a small house plant usually referred to as a pothos. I have managed to keep mine alive for about two years now. The pothos is a simple house plant that I think would look good in most rooms no matter the style; it is quite simple to take care of and I water it about once a week (when I remember). * TIP: If you are like me and are pretty bad at keeping plants alive, you can cut a small vine off and leave it in a vase of water. The vine will eventually grow roots and survive with little assistance. *

  1. ALEX: Lastly, one of my favorite items from Ikea is the Alex desk. Though it was quite a hassle to assemble, in the end, I think it was worth it. One of the key features of the desk is a compartment in the back which houses all my electrical wires. I hate the look of loose wires so this was a super cool design element to me. Another feature of love about this desk is the drawers. The draws go almost all the way to the back of the desk and offer so much room to hide my clutter. What is also so cool about this desk is that they offer matching side drawers with which you can create endless different arrangements with.

Overall, I have probably spent too much time wandering the corridors of Ikea, but I hope that my suggestions can help give you a vague idea of the many things that Ikea has to offer –besides the meatballs.

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