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Isn’t It Romantic Movie Review | Mara Khabie

Isn’t It Romantic Movie Review

by: Mara Khabie

The movie “Isn’t It Romantic” starring Rebel Wilson, has just come out this past week on Valentines day. Not only is this movie a romantic comedy, but another romantic comedy takes place within the movie. Rebel Wilson’s character, Natalie, despises romantic comedies and rather chooses to live a loveless life, believing that she is incapable of being loved due to her appearance. However, she gets knocked out on the subway and wakes up in a romantic comedy, her biggest nightmare. The most humorous component of Natalie being in her own romantic comedy is that it comes with her being treated like royalty, which aggravates her even more. Most girls would love Natalie’s life when she is in the romantic comedy. The moment Natalie wakes up in the hospital, she is greeted by a very cute doctor, and then as she walks out of the hospital men are admiring her and being very polite to her, which never use to happen to her.  She then almost gets hit by the car whom the client that referred to her as the coffee girl (before she was in the romantic comedy) was in. When Blake, the client, played by Liam Hemsworth comes out of the car to see if Natalie is ok, he is completely attracted to her and offers to give her a ride back to her apartment. Blake (Liam Hemsworth) is very attractive as we all know, most girls would be on cloud 9 right now, but not Natalie. After Blake drops Natalie off at her apartment, Natalie realizes that it has completely changed. It went from being a small and colorless New York apartment to being this huge, and very nicely decorated New York apartment with a view. Her dog was even groomed when she walked in. Who would not love that? Natalie. Rebel Wilson does a great job of acting dissatisfied over what most girls would love. Meanwhile, throughout this whole movie, she has someone that really loves her in real life (when she isn’t stuck in the romantic comedy). Adam Devine’s character, Josh, is the man that loves the real Natalie, and plays a really cute and goofy character who wants nothing more than for Natalie to look at him as more than a friend.  Overall, this movie is a great romantic comedy and is the perfect movie to watch on a girls night out.

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