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Israel vs Palestine | Joe Altaffer

Israel VS Palestine

by Joe Altaffer

There have been disputes between the Palestinians and the Israelis regarding the land that they both claim to have possessed first. However, it’s evident that both groups cannot continue to fight over this argument. Thus, talks of solutions have been negotiated and debated for years at hand. However, these talks need to stop because there is already a superior solution. The best solution is a two state solution in regards to the Israelis and Palestinians because it would factor in stopping terrorism in regards to who controls the land, it will help bring an end to the apartheid that is occurring with Palestinians, and Israel would no longer have the fear of being a minority.

First, terrorism in regards to Israel has been a major factor because there are terrorist groups, like Hamas. Palestinians feel like the Israelis are basically in control and that they have no way to speak their voice or be heard. It’s evident that Israel has tried to combat these terrorist efforts, yet in reality the attacks will keep continuing. They will keep continuing if the Israelis do not change their ways, and by enabling a two state solution, there would no longer be a need for terrorist attacks. Also, Hamas has released statements that if the Israelis were to restore borders back to the 1967 parameters, they would suspend their efforts for the next 10 years. Obviously, Hamas isn’t technically a group that should be taken by their word, however 10 years is a lot of time and is certainly an intriguing option that could lead to further peace between the two groups. Palestinians would have to recognize Israel as a nation, but Israel would also have to negotiate borders with the Palestinians. Israel would also have to make Israeli settlers leave their settlements in the West Bank or Gaza Strip, but that is what should occur in hindsight. Palestine would have to create a way to get from the Gaza Strip to the Western Bank and this could be a possibility through some type of tram system that would help maneuver going within the said Palestine. Also, Jerusalem would have to be declared as a type of neutral zone because it provides importance to both Palestinians and Jews. With Palestinians possessing their own government, terrorism technically should end between the two states, even though that might not be the case.

According to the UN, Israel has violated the most amount of human rights violations, in regards to their actions corresponding with the Palestinians, out of any country in the past year. Of course, those are the UN’s parameters of human rights but it’s evident that the Israelis have created an apartheid that has virtually gone unnoticed by most of the world. Palestinians do not get as good of quality medical treatments and their children are forced to go to different schools than that of Israeli students. It was evident in the documentary “5 Broken Cameras” that the Israelis are abusing their power over the Palestinians. One filmmaker was an Israeli man and he wanted to show the abuse that was taking place. The two state solution would ultimately end the apartheid because the Palestinians would be able to control their own destiny. The Palestinian government would provide proper positions within their own legislature and the Palestinians could virtually make their own decisions. Palestine would have to create a way to get from the Gaza Strip to the Western Bank and this could be a possibility through some type of tram system. The end of inferiority would occur for the Palestinians, and the Israelis could focus on their own matters as well. Instead of always getting involved within Palestinian matters, the Israelis would no longer have to force on the Palestinians and could conduct matters in a more ethical manner. Arresting and detaining protestors is not a solution to anything and the Israelis need to realize that. By working on dividing borders, the Israelis could make drastic steps in achieving peace.

Israel has a fear of becoming a minority within the only Jewish country in existence. Examples of Birobidzhan, an autonomous Jewish state in Russia, has only shown that the Jews aren’t extremely widespread. According to Haaretz, an Israeli editorial site, the Israelis are going to be outnumbered by Palestinians in 2020. The 2 states would basically provide a way for the Israelis to feel more secure within their own country and at power. A one state solution would  prove unethical because the Palestinians will be the majority in some years from now. There are many Palestinians who still want to live in Israel because they have a business there and there also is the factor of Palestinians and Israelis who live outside of the country. Work Visas would be provided for those that wish to continue working within Israel, which is important because the Israelis are heavily dependent to Palestinians within their economy. Also, the policy of allowing outside Palestinians and Israelis to come back to their home country is now more viable with a two state solution. The growing population has proven how many Palestinians there really are, and thus the two state solution would solve that aspect.

In conclusion, the two state solution would provide a much more ethical way to ultimately achieving peace between the two groups. Allowing the Palestinians have their own authorities is obviously a more appealing option for those that believe the Israelis are abusing their power. The two state solution would provide a possible end to terrorism, the apartheid would end, and the Israelis could live without the fear of being a minority. The population as well as the lands to dictate which group gets what is an obvious factor, I believe the two state solution would solve this problem.


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