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Ethan Lew of San Diego California is now a sophomore in college at New York University.  He went to Bates College in Maine for his first year in college.  There was no convenient way to buy, sell, or trade anything or post advertisements without having to go through large companies. The problem with using Craigslist or any of the other sites is that the people you are buying from could live hundreds of miles away. Ethan had no way of buying or selling anything. In college you are constantly moving every year from dorms to apartments that leaves a lot of students without necessary furniture or appliances. If they did find furniture cheap enough, the owner could live multiple states away. After seeing this problem, Ethan decided that this could be a very large and profitable market. One month ago, Jigitt was created. Using all of his Bat Mitzvah savings, he hired a team of skilled website designers to help form his idea.

Jigitt, “the college marketplace”, is an online website where you select your college from the drop-down menu and up comes all the different categories of items you can buy. The website sells anything from furniture to books to concert tickets. Jigitt also helps you find a tutor, a job, and various transportation routs. They also offer ways for students to advertise, since posting colored flyers around campus doesn’t always bring in the most success. Also, some students can’t afford multi hundred dollar textbooks, so after you’re finished with a class it is very convenient to post the book on Jigitt and sell it instantly.

Using Jigitt is as simple and user friendly as can be. Posting anything you want to is very easy. First create an account. After that you just simply follow the steps and create your own college classified ads. With advertising on Jigitt, you can post the same exact ad on the website every 48 hours to bring it to the top of the list for people to see more frequently. They also have a long list of ways to ensure your privacy and safety before submitting anything online. Jigitt is going to be the largest college marketplace all over the country.

Since Jigitt has only been open to the public for a few weeks now, they only offer to a very selected group of schools. They offer to New York University and Brandeis University at the moment but going to continue to expand as the website gets bigger. Ethan jumped into a very large marketplace that he is expanding rapidly. Be sure to check when you head off to college, because they could be helping your community!

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