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Kaaboo | Ali Youel


by: Ali Youel

Over this past weekend, I’m sure your social media was overflowing with pictures and videos of Kaaboo. This is the fourth year of Kaaboo, with headliners such as the Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, Post Malone, and Imagine Dragons. Music festivals and concerts are a big part of the teenage social media feed, and Kaaboo is the perfect outlet for pictures, laughs, and dancing.

This was the first year that all three days of Kaaboo sold out, making Kaaboo the second highest attended San Diego event, behind Comic Con. Fox 5 organizers said that an estimated 40,000 people will attend the festival at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

But even if you couldn’t attend the glitter-crazed festival around the corner, they introduced online streaming for the live performances, making the three hundred dollar experience available with the click of a button.

However, Kaaboo isn’t just about the music. There are comedians, DJs, and even Top Chefs such as Richard Blais, to appeal to all audiences. This year, with the Laugh Pass, attendees were able to enjoy the comedic acts of Craig Robinson, Iliza Shlesinger, and more. After the music ended, the party still continued with the Silent Disco. In the Silent Disco, everyone wears headphones and a DJ plays music through them. Everyone screams the lyrics at the top of their lungs, and the videos the next morning are hilarious.

Instagram feeds have been flooded with pictures of people with glitter everywhere, in front of beautiful hand painted walls, a display of art for many people to pose in front of. Art is another big part of Kaaboo, with big rooms full of artwork lining the walls. Throughout the first days of the festivals, artists are painting the murals, giving concert-goers a first-hand look at the talent going into the large scale paintings they are smiling in front of.

This weekend attracted people from all over the west coast to see their favorite bands, comedians, and DJs perform right by the beach. Teenagers are all about the social media experience, and this weekend created a wonderful way to boost their feeds, and annoy all their followers, who struggled to find a post without sparkles. And, it’s always fun to go to the fairgrounds to do something besides take multiple AP tests. Even better, three whole days of Kaaboo is still less expensive than taking four AP tests!

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