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Kardashian Kraziness

It was one of those lazy days. I felt exhausted and unwilling to get up and do something productive, so I decided to veg on the couch and catch up on some reality television. As soon as I turn on the television my best friend Kim Kardashian pops up on the screen. I say best friend simply because Kim is on so many different channels at so many different times that I feel like I know her personally by now. So what is so fascinating to the American public about Kim and her large family? Is it that they make millions for simply doing tasks that many Americans do already such as going to clubs and opening businesses? Or that the family spends outrageous amounts of money on clothes and lavish expenses?  What I’ve wanted to know for the past few years as the Kardashians have risen to fame, is why?

Kim started dipping her toe into the celebrity pool back around 2007 when she became friends with the notorious Paris Hilton. Paris, who has been famous for her clubbing and extraordinary wealth, befriended Kim and put her on the road to a celebrity status. As Kim became more and more popular on her own, the need for Paris’ friendship diminished and in turn the Kardashians joined in on Kim’s new fame.  They launched their own reality television show that just finished its sixth season and has put the Kardashians in the category of well -known celebrities. But what have they done to truly earn all this success? Besides partying and spending money, each Kardashian is branching out into a every field of entertainment from singing to acting to modeling. The one admirable trait that has made the Kardashian a household name is branding. At the start of their popularity, the Kardashians were smart to start branding and rigorously selling the Kardashian name.  Five years later the Kardashian clan is still going strong with multiple television shows, endorsements, and appearances that rake in millions.  Americans have such a infatuation with wealth and watching celebrities spend, that Kim and her family are simply giving the public what they want. The question now remains how long will the Kardashian Kraziness last and whether Kim will be seen as a hot commodity for much longer.  Whether you love them or you hate them, the Kardashians have earned their wealth and all you have to do is turn on your television to prove it.

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