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Kimye? | Zach Danon

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article do not reflect the opinions of Pulse Magazine as a whole.

Within the past few days, celebrity news and drama has been high. Kanye West and Kim have a strange situation, including Pete Davidson and Julia Fox. As West and Kardashian are finalizing their divorce, new relationships and songs are creating hostile conditions, even causing Pete to hire a security detail.

Kanye West recently bought a house across the street from former wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye has not commented why he purchased a home so close to her, but it can be inferred it is to see his kids more often and potentially win Kim back. He dedicated his song "Runaway," arguably his most famous song, to Kim at a concert in December and even chose to add lyrics asking for her back.

Kim recently started dating SNL star and actor Pete Davidson. He has been living at her house when in town and even been spotted driving some of her cars. However, Pete lives and works in New York, limiting the time he and Kim have together. Kim and Pete recently went to the Bahamas together, and he even spent Christmas with the Kardashian family. A source close to the Kardashian family says that the family likes Pete a lot and that he and Kim are more than just a fling.

Stirring up the pot, Kanye and The Game dropped Eazy, a song reflecting on Kanye's family in a not-so-positive way. He disses Kim, Pete, and even his kids in the music. In this mess of a song, Kanye raps that his kids are "Boujee and unruly, y'all need to do some chores. Rich kids, this ain't yo' mama house. Climb on your brother's shoulders, and get that Top Ramen out." These lyrics beg the question: is Kanye ok? It is okay for him to think that his kids are coddled; they probably are, but rapping about his kids in the song is not something he should do as a parent. He has not been a very present father, as can be seen by him randomly moving to Wyoming to cope with personal issues while leaving Kim and his kids behind in Los Angeles.

I thought the line where Kanye said he would beat up Pete Davidson was hilarious. It was random, uncalled for, and simply immature, also describing how Kanye has acted the last few months.

CCA senior and Kim Kardashian superfan, Rocco Marcolongo, has strong feelings towards the situation: "Kanye is a good man. Pete still lives with his mom. Justice for Kim K." said Marcolongo. This is an obscure take as I would assume that someone who is that invested in Kim Kardashian's life would want to see her happy. But to each their own. Pete is 28, while Kim is 41, which may be a source of their issues as their relationship progresses.

Amid the divorce, people who care would like to see Kim K and her family happy. Hopefully, Kanye can get the help and support he needs. I think senior Gai Partin said it best, "Kanye should work on himself before getting into a relationship (too late). Love you, Kim."

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