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Kookoo Colorado and Crowns | Ali Youel

Kookoo Colorado and Crowns

by Ali Youel

The news has been full of many things, politics, war, memes, and riots, but now a possible change of power could face England. Yes, The Queen, Her majesty, might be overthrown. By who? President Trump? He’s too busy banning citizens of a different religion and trying to get “bad dudes” out of our country. Kanye West? Nope. Josh Golden? Definitely not, he’s too busy writing his articles for Pulse Magazine. A man from Colorado? Yep, he claims he is the rightful king of England. Daily Mail wrote an article on March 1st, about this man. Scrolling through the news and seeing this, sandwiched between stories of corruption and war, made me laugh. Only then did I read the article, written by Simon Holmes, and find out that this man from Colorado, named Allan Evans, genuinely believes he is the rightful King Of England. Evans placed an ad in the London Times saying, “…Allan V. Evans shall apply to claim his said royal estate at the Government Legal Office and 1 Kemble street in London. Anyone wishing to contact said claimant must do so by and through the said Government Legal Office for security reasons”. Evans has a long list of demands for the change of power, but he will allow Her Majesty, The Queen, to stay in power until she dies. The advert begins by talking about Evans’ right to the crown through his relations to royalty. Evans claims to be the direct descendant of the founder of Wales, Cunedda Wledig. The ad states, “Allan V. Evans… is a direct descendant of an unbroken primogeniture line legally documented since the third century in Great Britain…” After doing more research on this strangely interesting story, I found something written by Louis Doré. He wrote, “In 2012, according to 13WMAZ, a man called Allan V. Evans from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, attempted to claim 400 acres of land in Twiggs county.” According to Evans himself, he had ancestors who owned the land, so it was rightfully his, but his evidence was destroyed. In the article, Louis Doré mentions, they wrote: “Allan V. Evans of Wheat Ridge, Colorado is claiming that his Evans family ancestry entitles him to claim 400 acres of land in Twiggs County, which would force 35 homes, a church, and a shooting range to be under his control.” Evans seems to want as much land, power, and control as possible which apparently his ancestors have happily stored away for him. But this raises accusations, concerns, and questions such as, is Evans doing this as a way to own more land, have more power, or is he actually a descendant of people who owned a lot of lands? So basically, a man from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, claims to be the rightful ruler of England through descendency from royals. This article makes me wonder, am I the rightful queen to any countries? Am I a direct descendant of the founder of Wales? Am I somehow the princess of New Zealand? Okay, I’m getting sidetracked but still, an article about a man from Colorado claiming to be the King of England is enough to make anyone’s mind go crazy.


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