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Love Bugs and Sweethearts

photo by flickr user danielmoye

By Kristina Krasnikova

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or love to hate it, the popular holiday is here. This Thursday one can expect to be bombarded by the sights of couples exchanging kisses, chocolates, roses, and flowers as a token of their affection for one another.

Luckily, it is a four day weekend, so there are many exciting things to do today. Restaurants are always an option, with places such as Fleming’s SteakhouseTabu Sushi, and Buca Di Beppooffering V-day specials. Another option is heading to Downtown and checking out the night life as well as taking a romantic stroll through Little Italy while munching on cannoli’s and gelato. Many people are heading down to Coronado for a nice walk on the beach and some delicious seafood, especially since the weather will be warming up to 72 degrees by the end of the week.

 If you are single and just want a few laughs with a couple of close friends I suggest heading over toDick’s Last Resort for the entertaining staff and the fun atmosphere. Feel free to hit up Extraordinary Desserts afterward, considering that place is always full with people of all ages and personalities. Don’t forget, there is always the option of having a “life sucks and I’m single” pity party which includes chick flicks, ice cream, cookie dough, and whatever else your heart desires. Popular movies for this type of event would include Pitch PerfectThe Last Song, and The Notebook.

 For those who choose to forget Thursday as a whole, not to fret, there’s still a four day weekend in your future! Make sure to check out Cinepolis for movies such as Warm Bodies, or the highly anticipated Die Hard movie (which comes out on the 14th, coincidentally). The bottom line is, whether you’re a part of a love dovey couple, or single, there is plenty for you to do in San Diego over the long weekend.

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