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Missing out on Memorials

By Sahara Gonzales

What does the government shutdown mean?  One major duty of the United States House of Representatives to create a federal budget. This is done regularly. When a bill is presented to a senate and there is no agreement by the deadline, the government shuts down, which affects everyone who is a federal employ except the ones who make the government shutdown and the president. Further those employed by the federal government have bills to pay as the basic things in life such as food, and basic monthly bills. Further those who expect to be paid by federal employees will be affected financially, it is a trickledown effect.

Fortunately some people who are federal employees that aren’t being paid went to work and met their responsibilities. Among those where police men protecting the White House when an irrational woman attempted to break through a security gate at the white house. According to New York Times, two “Policemen were injured by the woman.” The last time the Government shutdown was 17 years ago, it was closed for 21 days. One of the issues that caused this shutdown is Obamacare, so according to SLATE, “Obamacare is a national law with two goals: making health insurance better for people who already have it and getting health insurance for more of the 60 million who are uninsured.” Some republicans and democrats were debating whether it is good. The reason for this debate is that a lot of money is going into Obamacare and our government isn’t doing so well in the economic area. The debate was on the government spending a lot of money on that when there are a lot of other things we need to pay. There are other reasons for their debate but because of their little feud a lot of people are going to have to suffer. People who work for the federal government are either having to work and not get paid or not working and also not getting paid.

According to The Atlantic ” House Republicans have failed to stop Obamacare from going into effect so far, but sadly and ironically, their actions have prevented hundreds of people from getting healthcare from just one clinic.” Obamacare has been passed and has started on October 1st, but our government is going to remain shutdown until our congress comes to an agreement. Until they come to an agreement federal parks are going to be shut down Mt. Rushmore, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, and The Grand Canyon. We don’t know how long all of these parks will be closed it could be days, weeks, months, but hopefully not years! Even though congress is responsible for the shutdown they are still getting paid while everyone else isn’t getting anything. Most of our parents that are federal employees aren’t getting paid and that effects a lot of what we are allowed to do it effects everyone even if you’re not a federal employee because some people get paid by federal employees and if they don’t get paid how can they pay others? All we do now is wait.

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