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Moby-Dick Marathon

photo by flickr user Luke Pearson

By Delaney Roth

Spending 24 hours reading the classic novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, cover to cover, may not sound like something most people would want to do, especially when you have sleep as an alternative. However, athough this may not sound like the most enthralling way to pull an all-nighter, the CCA performance of the work will absolutely be a must see.

At least once in your lives you have all at least heard the name of “Moby-Dick” mentioned, but for those of you who have no clue what this novel is or why anyone would want to spend an entire day reading it straight through, Moby-Dick tells the story of a sailor, Ishmael, on a voyage commanded by Captain Ahab whose mission is to seek out the cruel white sperm whale, Moby Dick, who snatched his leg in a previous encounter. The Moby-Dick Marathon has occurred annually all over the country, and with each year becomes a more well-known event appearing in new communities every time.

Organizations that put on one of these marathons usually will host it in celebration of an important date; as in the publication date (November 14, 1851), Herman Melville’s birthday (August 1, 1819), or even the anniversary of Melville’s departure from the port of New Bedford aboard the whale ship Acushnet in January of 1841.

Canyon Crest’s twist on the Moby-Dick Marathon will include a lot more excitement than just sitting and listening to people read on a stage. Canyon Crest’s students are working together with English teacher, Mr. Leal, and many other staff members, to pull off a moving production for everyone that will be sure to keep you awake and excited from start to finish. It will include various performances from the dance department, the art department, the music department, and of course the students volunteering in the reading portion of the marathon. Griffin Carlborg and Jack Conway are working on the music section which will include pieces from Canyon Crest’s wind ensemble, choir, and jazz band. Students in the dance department have been practicing with conservatory and working individually to create choreographed dances to perform during different scenes in the tale, and the art department has been working to craft a picture book that you can turn to follow along as you listen to the story.

Canyon Crest students have been working to construct this project since the beginning of the school year, devoting their time and energy to ensure this creation is a masterpiece. The Moby-Dick Marathon will be hosted in the Proscenium Theatre on Friday the 24 to the 25 of May. If you want to join in on the fun but want to take it a step further than just going to watch and enjoy, reading auditions are being held during 4th period and after school. Anyone can sign up and everyone is welcome. You can try out for an opportunity to read at the marathon by making an appointment with Noah Wells by emailing him at

The Moby-Dick Marathon promises to be a great event, and one that you should attend, to enjoy and support all the effort that our fellow Canyon Crest students and staff put into it.

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