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Modern Family Recap

photo from ABC website

By Avery Naughton

 Season four of the Emmy-winning show Modern Family is off to an entertaining start. In the latest double feature, the episodes “Schooled” and “Snip” premiered this past Wednesday.

In the episode  “Schooled,” Haley (Sarah Hyland) moves into her college dorm and Lily (Audrey Anderson-Emmons) begins her first day of kindergarten. However, things don’t go exactly as planned. Phil (Ty Burrell), comical as always, creates a book for his daughter entitled “Phil’s-osophy” that contains all of his life- lessons and amusing sayings needed for success and guidance. Lily gets into a small fight with a boy named Connor and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) are called into the principal’s office along with the Connor’s parents, who are lesbians. Cameron and one of the other mothers, Pam, constantly bicker about stereotypes given to lesbians and gays. Meanwhile, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Jay (Ed O’Neill) attend a class regarding childcare, as requested by Manny (Rico Rodriguez) who sees them as unfit parents to raise a newborn. Jay and Gloria, however,  don’t take the class seriously, believing that they have both reared children and know how to take care of their own baby. They are scoffed at by the teacher, who criticizes Gloria’s baby blanket “burrito” as potentially suffocating a baby.

In “Snip,” Phil is scheduled to get a vasectomy and Mitchell tries to get Cameron to find a part time job now that Lily is busy with kindergarten.  Mitchell attempts to get Cameron a job at a local men’s boutique through an elaborate scheme, but it backfires. Gloria, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge that she needs a new maternity wardrobe, although she eventually gives in after her sweater unzips. In the end, Phil and Claire decide to postpone the surgery, despite their “five year plan” that involves all of their children leaving in five years.

Although both episodes are humorous and amusing, “Schooled” provides a plot in which all high school students can relate to. Similar to many students, Haley appears ready to leave the nest and abandon her siblings. After being embarrassed by her father and his shirt which depicts a younger Haley swinging in between her parents, she becomes irate and asks them to leave. However, she soon finds that college can be a lonely experience, and at the end of the episode is seen wearing the t-shirt and reading the “Phil’s-osophy” book.  Her original excitement and eagerness soon fades to loneliness, as many high school seniors may encounter with their transition to college.

Overall, the first three episodes of season four of Modern Family has not been disappointing. The storylines of the last three episodes include quirky writing and memorable lines, and the actor portrayal ties the show together to make an enjoyable television show.

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